LifeMiles Elite Maternity

Maternidad Élite LifeMiles

What is Elite Maternity?

We acknowledge the loyalty of regular Elite customers who, because of their pregnancy, have stopped traveling as frequently. As a perk for belonging to the Elite program, Avianca is extending the LifeMiles Elite status for an additional time for those customers, once their child is born. 

For example: If, in 2018, our customer’s status is LifeMiles Silver Elite valid until February 2019, and their baby was born on November 1, 2018, the customer must contact the Call Center to request the Elite Maternity perk and enjoy the perks of LifeMiles Silver Elite status until February 2020.

What has to be taken into account?

  • The customer must be a LifeMiles Elite member (Silver, Gold or Diamond) at the time of their baby’s birth.
  • The only way to request this benefit is through the Avianca Call Center, having as the only supporting document a scanned copy of your son/daughter’s birth certificate.