Flights to/from Europe on 4 and 5 May were rescheduled due adverse weather conditions in the route

Bogota, May 4, 2018. Flights AV10 and AV46 Bogotá-Madrid, AV18 Bogotá-Barcelona and AV120 Bogotá-London, usually operated on Boeing 787 aircraft, have been rescheduled for tomorrow May 5.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the US Aeronautical authority, has established that B787 aircraft with Rolls Royce engines must fly at no more than 140 minutes from an alternate airport. Since none of the airports in the North Atlantic authorized for these routes meets the minimum favorable weather conditions, these routes cannot operate in their original itinerary.

Therefore, flights from those European cities bound to Bogotá, originally scheduled to operate on May 5, will also be adjusted in their itineraries.  

The affected flights will operate on the following dates and times:

Original Date Original itinerary Route New departure date New departure time*
AV46 May 4 19:20 Bogota-Madrid May 5 09:00
AV10 May 4 21:43 Bogota-Madrid May 5 10:00
AV18 May 4 21:25 Bogota-Barcelona May 5 11:00
AV120 May 4 23:04 Bogota-Londres May 5 05:00
AV47 May 5 14:00 Madrid-Bogota May 6 03:40
AV11 May 5 17:25 Madrid-Bogota May 6 04:42
AV19 May 5 16:50 Barcelona-Bogota May 6 09:00
AV121 May 5 22:40 Londres-Bogota May 5 22:56

*Local time

We appreciate your understanding regarding this measure that seeks to prioritize the safety of passengers and the operations over mobility.