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Make your Exchange Program reservation. Also, find out what it is, how it works and where you can receive service and support.

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What is the Exchange Program?

It is a commercial agreement between Avianca and its suppliers that generates an exchange of products and services. Its purpose is to broaden and strengthen long-term commercial relations.

What are the benefits of the commercial agreement?

  • Making reservations through our website choosing the Exchange Program option.
  • Exclusive Split* at the call center (option 1-1-8) to make reservations.
  • Specialized and exclusive service from our Exchange Program consultants. As a member of our loyalty program, benefits when purchasing tickets are guaranteed.
  • Broadening commercial relations with our clients, a decisive factor for supplier selection.

*Reservation split.

What can you purchase from our Exchange Program?

  • National and international tickets in our Star Alliance and partner airlines route network.
  • Additional charges for ticket changes.
  • Avianca Tours tourism plans*.
  • Group travel, congresses and conventions*.
  • Deprisa products*.
  • Gift Card*.

*Products valid for purchase in Colombia.


How does the Exchange Program work?

Negotiation and invoicing

  • The process is handled by an Avianca consultant.
  • Definition of a percentage or fixed amount for the invoicing exchange filed with Avianca.
  • Apply the exchange balance on the Avianca application.

Exchange redemption process

  • Making reservations through or our call center.
  • Sending a reservation via email to the exchange central.
  • Issuing the ticket and deducting the value of the reservation from the exchange balance.


Service and support

Call Center

For reservations, call our call center (option 1-1-8) for 24-hour service.

Exchange accounts central

Service in Bogota, Colombia.

Hour service hours are Monday through Friday, between 8:00 and 18:00. Saturdays between 9:00 and 12:00 m (Colombian time). There is no service on holidays, according to the Colombian calendar.

Phone: (+57-1) 5877700 extensions: 2019, 2027, 2029.

Learn about our Privacy Policy for suppliers.