Baggage policy

Before packing, find out about the dimensions, weight and elements that you can or can not transport in your luggage and enjoy your flight without setbacks

  • Free baggage allowance​

    Know the characteristics of the luggage that you can carry at no additional cost in the aircraft hold. Remember to use our additional Baggage service.

  • Carry-on baggage​

    Know the weight, dimensions and the number of pieces you can take on the plane’s cabin. 

  • Additional baggage​

    Learn about the costs for overweight baggage and the size of the baggage depending on your flight.

  • Dangerous goods​

    Check the list of dangerous goods that are not allowed on our flights.

  • Special baggage​​

    You can take musical instruments and other items that need to be carefully transported. 

  • Sports equipment​

    Learn about the sports items you can take in the plane’s hold. 

  • Baggage with partner airlines​​

    Check the baggage policy that applies if you fly with partner airlines. 

  • Pets on board​

    Fly with your pet in Avianca! Take your pet with you everywhere for an additional cost or to your animal support for free. Book your plane tickets!

  • Baggage irregularities​

    Locate your bags anywhere in the world. We will help you in the event of loss, damage or delay. 

  • General recommendations​​

    Practical tips when packing, checking in and claiming your baggage.​