Destino Confidencial

Today we celebrate Latin excellence with a series of documentaries of high visual and narrative quality that focus on the great achievements of Latin American sports and the most important international competitions.


Season 3

It is an honor for Avianca to work together with ESPN to connect Latin America with its sports champions through the Destino Confidencial program. We show their stories, successes, difficult moments, struggles and, above all, their greatness and constant effort that showcase Latin American excellence.

The untouchable legend

In search of Jose Fernandez

This young Cuban national was the star of the Miami Marlins and a promising major league baseball player. Although he passed away at the age of 24 in a boating accident, his brilliant performance in the sport made him eternal.

Don’t miss this chapter on September 9 and 25 on ESPN.

Season 3

The father of wind

Santiago Lange, sailing athlete, shows us how to overcome the obstacles to win the gold at the Rio Olympic Games. He achieved victory at age 54, 11 months after winning the battle against lung cancer.

Overcoming Pain

Oscar Figueroa is the first Colombian man to earn a gold medal at the Olympic Games. After superhuman training sessions, more than seven surgeries and unbearable pain, he was able to overcome and attain the maximum goal.

Season 2

Nicolino Locche, uno de los mejores boxeadores argentinos, fue un mito que convirtió este deporte en un arte y una danza. Esquivando los golpes de Takeshi Fuji, su rival, logró consagrarse campeón en el torneo de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo en 1968.

The story of the Cobresal Sports Club stands out at El Salvador, a mining town located in the dessert of Atacama in Chile. In spite of the adversities, the sports team made it into Chilean soccer history and positioned itself as champion of the 2015 Torneo Clausura.

With a trajectory defined by great victories and even painful falls, Mariana Pajon teaches us that there is no unbeatable rival. Her determination and passion for sport are elements that help her keep a steady stare during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

She carried two gold medals during the World Athletics Championship and won a Silver Medal during the 2012 London Olympic Games. In this edition, we show you why this Colombian athlete has a unique competitive gene and a strong and unbreakable will.

Sometimes difficult and unexplainable things happen, and the story of Real Madrid’s goal keeper, Keylor Navas, is similar. Today we embark on a journey that begins in a small town in Costa Rica to explain how you can go from there to the Santiago Bernabeu.​

Season 1

Family Matters

Do you want to learn about the story of a goal scorer that has always had to fight to gain his place? Discover the most important soccer player from Mexico, who, from his arrival to Manchester and Real Madrid, has become an idol for fans of one of the most important clubs in the world.

Children of the sea

There is a place in the world where Surfing saves lives. It is Peru, where the sport has transformed the lives of children without a future; where surfing is the perfect excuse to rescue children from the streets. Don’t miss an episode full of hope.

Golden journey

Learn about how this team, after defeating for the first time in history a team of NBA stars during the 2002 Indianapolis World Championship, made the finals and after losing themselves promise to win the next greatest competition: the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Historias de Río

Accompany these athletes on a life of dedication, effort, sacrifice and discover the portrait of the athletes that try to win the most coveted medals in the world – in a city that prepares itself to host the Olympic Games.

Nairo Quintana's Challenge

Discover a chapter full of inspiration, effort, successes, difficult moments and above all, greatness, together with Nairo Quintana, the successful Colombian cyclist who revived passion and the search for excellence in Latin America.