Before traveling we recommend to you

  1. Make sure that your passport is valid.
  2. Comply with all migratory regulations of the countries of origin, destination and transit (in the event of connections)..
  3. Check the following link: IATA Travel Centre, to learn about the different requirements in countries regarding visas, sanitation, documents and others. Please note that this information is a guide of the migratory requirements for your trip.
  4. Remember that it is your responsibility to know and be informed about all documents and requirements for your trip.
  5. Know if you need a vaccination certificate to enter the country where you are traveling. You can find out on the World Health Organization’s website (available only in English).
  6. Verify the modifications to the norms and obtain all documents to enter and exit a country, as well as the formalities required by the authorities, even before purchasing the ticket.
  7. Learn about the migratory requirements at consulates or embassies of the country of destination or transit.
  8.  Only original, valid documents, in good condition, are accepted. Copies are not valid.
  • Visas and permits

    We inform you of the documents that you should submit to the security and control authorities in order to successfully complete your processing.

  • Vaccinations certificates

    Get to know the cases where the International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever is obligatory.

  • Travel to and from USA

    Get to know the information you need to provide the U.S. authorities.​

  • Minors traveling​

    Get to know the laws and regulations for minors departing from Colombia, Mexico and Peru.​​

  • Sales tax refund​

    If you're an international passenger visiting Colombia, and are thinking about doing some shopping while in the country, find out all the items with a 100% Sales Tax refund in this useful list.