Know more about our reservation cancellation conditions

Only for tickets to and from the United States

When you reserve or purchase  a ticket at any sales office, call center or through in the United States you may cancel your purchase without a penalty and receive a full refund

You must meet the following conditions

  • The cancellation must be requested within 24 hours of the purchase
  • The reservation must be made 7 days (or more) prior to the date of the flight


Cancellations for national and international flights from Colombia

Right of withdrawal

When you buy a ticket at any sales channel in Colombia (ticket office, Call Center or through and/or when your Transport Contract originates in Colombia, you may cancel the trip until 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure, in which case the airline may retain up to 10% of the fare value. Please remember to check on your fare conditions, since this benefit does not apply to promotional fares.​ The airline and/or travel agent must refund the money to the passenger within a maximum term of thirty (30) calendar days as of the notification of withdrawal.

Right of Retraction

When you buy a ticket through our Call Center in Colombia or Colombia, you may retract within 48 hours following your purchase. Remember that depending on the type of flight, there must be a minimum period of time between the time of your request and the initial travel date

  • Domestic flight (national) greater than 8 calendar days
  • International flight 15 calendar days

In passenger air transportation service provision contracts perfected through the sales mechanisms provided in Decree 1499 from 2014, the right of retraction in favor of the acquirer of the ticket shall be understood as agreed

It shall be equivalent to sixty thousand pesos ($60,000) for national tickets or fifty US Dollars (US$50) for international tickets, using the official exchange rate approved by the Central Bank on the day on which the passenger notifies the transporter or the travel agent of his or her decision to retract

The retained value may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the value received for the fare, excluding fees, taxes and the administrative fee

The airline or travel agent that sold the ticket must refund the money to the passenger within a maximum term of thirty (30) calendar days as of the notification of retraction

Check the Spanish version of the Desist and Retract Resolution from 2015 and the Aviation Regulations of Colombia RAC3

Payment reversal under Colombian regulations

According to Decree 587 from 2016, among other issues regulated by Article 51 of the Consumer Statute, issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Colombia, when you purchase airplane tickets and/or tourism packages and/or tourism services acquired individually (such as cultural, sports, excursions, etc.) directly with Avianca, and the purchase is made with non-physical presence methods, that is, through, or the Call Center (any of the customer service lines indicated in our website), or through the Avianca application for mobile devices, and you use a credit or debit card, or any other electronic payment instrument, as method of payment, and said method of payment is issued by a financial entity domiciled in Colombia, you may request payment reversal, as long as one of the following grounds applicable to the nature of the services rendered by Avianca exists

  1. Fraud When the passenger, in the case of airplane tickets, or the traveler and beneficiary of the service coupons (vouchers) in the case of tourism package, or the holder under whose name the service coupons (vouchers) are issued in the case of tourism services acquired individually, is subject to fraud
  2. Unrequested operation When the charge to the payment instrument used to pay for the airplane tickets in the case of air transportation, or the service coupons (vouchers) in the case of tourism packages or tourism packages acquired individually, does not correspond to a requested service. For example, in the event of double charge for an acquired service
  3. The acquired product was not received When during the purchase process of airplane tickets, or tourism packages or tourism services acquired individually, the payment instrument is charged without issuance of the ticket or the service coupon (voucher)

Note Claims related to other service aspects may be made at, or the Call Center, or through the claim sheets available at our service points, which are the channels established to respond to suggestions and claims, that will be processed according to applicable legal and contractual regulations.

In order to request a payment reversal, you must follow the following steps

  1. Complete the Payment Reversal Request form you will find here
  2. Complete and send the Suggestions and Claim form, attaching the completed payment reversal request indicated in point 1, within five (5) business days after the date on which you became aware of the fact or the grounds upon which you support the payment reversal request. Remember that you must send the payment reversal request to the entity that issued the electronic payment instrument used for your purchase within the same term
  3. Once you send your request, you will receive an email with the acknowledgement of receipt and the number that identifies your request
  4. After your request is filed before the financial entity that issued the electronic payment used, Avianca and the financial entity will have a term of fifteen (15) business days to make the reversal, should it apply

Warning The consumer must bear in mind that in case an administrative or legal authority determines that the reversal does not apply, the consumer shall be liable for all costs incurred as a result of requesting the reversal. In this case, the holder of the payment instrument used for the purchase for which a reversal was requested may be definitely charged with the value of the transaction by the issuer of the payment instrument. The latter under the terms provided in Article 51 from Law 1480 from 2011

The Spanish version of the Payment Reversal Decree 2016 is available here