Avianca invite travelers to discover Ecuador

In a joint effort with the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador, Avianca launches promotional fares from different cities of its route network and offers travelers 120,000 seats to travel to Ecuador.

With an investment of USD100,000 in national and international promotion, the campaign aims to boost the tourism industry towards the country. 


Avianca and the Ministry of Tourism launch special fares and vacational packages from Colombia, United States, Europe (England and Spain), Peru, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay to travel to the five destinations operated by the airline in Ecuador: Quito, Guayaquil, San Cristóbal/Baltra (Galpapagos Islands), Coca y Manta. 

The effort includes an investment of USD100,000 in promotion, and will offer a total of 120,000 seats to travel from the participant markets. This effort aims to increase the passenger flow in 20,000 travelers, compared to 2015. 

The international campaign will be released under the motto “Discover all the things this destination has to offer”, along with the international country brand “All you need is Ecuador”. The domestic campaign will be presented under the motto “Explore its history, culture and great natural diversity”, along with the national promotion label “Travel Ecuador first”.

Ecuador’s Minister of Tourism, Fernando Alvarado, congratulated Avianca’s initiative to boost tourism in Ecuador through this campaign, and said that this strategy will allow tourists to keep the destination and the campaign “All You Need is Ecuador” in their minds, which was successfully launched worldwide in April 2014. 

“We want to intensify the message of Ecuador being a quality tourist destination, in national and international markets. We are offering travelers unique fares, with major discounts over the regular fares, as well as vacation packages. It’s an effective way to raise tourism to Ecuador and to encourage worldwide travelers to enjoy the best of the country”, said Julio Gamero, Avianca’s Vice-president in Ecuador.

Buy in June 2016 and travel until March, 2017
Travelers originating in Ecuador or from the international markets of Colombia, United States, England, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay can buy the tickets through Avianca’s sales channels between June 14 and 24, 2016. If travelers seek to buy vacation packages, they can buy them between June 14 and July 14, 2016. These products apply for travelling between June 14, 2016 and March 31, 2017.

More information about fares, itinerary and sales in Avianca’s sales points, through your preferred travel agency, the website and the Call Center.


About AVIANCA. Avianca is a commercial brand that identifies the Latin American airlines dedicated to cargo and passenger transport integrated into Avianca Holdings S.A. With a human team of more than 20,500 collaborators, the airlines directly service more than 105 destinations in 28 countries in America and Europe, using their modern 176 short, medium and long range aircraft. Through its membership in StarAlliance, Avianca travelers have access to destinations in 192 countries and 1,300 airports around the world. With 18,500 departures per day, passengers have access to 98% of the world’s countries. Its frequent traveler program has more than six million members. In addition to its passenger air transportation services, Avianca offers a wide portfolio of tourism services, cargo transport, courier and aeronautical assistance, through its Business Units: Avianca Tours, Deprisa and Avianca Services. During 2015, Avianca transported 28.2 million passengers. For further information, visit, and @Avianca on twitter.  


Avianca is a leading Latin American airline that is working to provide a world-class service to garner the preference of travelers. Its route network includes more than 100 destinations in 28 countries in the American continent and Europe, with Connection Centers in Bogota, El Salvador and Lima. Via its Star Alliance membership, the airline offers the possibility of global connectivity.