Waiver of penalty for changes due to winter storm Harper in the United States and Canada


Due to the alert generated by winter storm Harper in the United States and Canada, if you have a reservation* for travel on 20 to and from New York, Newark, Chicago, Toronto or Boston and you are affected by this situation, you may change your itinerary without paying a penalty for travel until January 26.
We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause for your plans; please check other travel dates.

For changes, refunds and reaccommodation you can contact our points of sale and Call Center, or your travel agency if you purchased your ticket through this channel.

  •  Bogota: (571) 401-3434
  • United States: 1800 284 2622
  • Canada: (1 800) 722-8222

* Applies for tickets issued until January 18, 2019.