Travel Tips

We are always thinking about your comfort and wellbeing. Follow these recommendations when flying with us so you can have a better experience.

Find out about preventive measures, relaxation exercises, warnings about alcohol consumption and the Placid Program to conquer fear of flying.


Preventive Measures

Consider these medical recommendations before and during your flight.

Visit your physician

Consult your physician and and follow his or her recommendations when flying. 

Use of special anti-embolism stockings

Remember to change your socks daily, use the precise size to control pressure and check the condition of your skin. 

Water Consumption

It is important to always be hydrated. 

Walk about the cabin

Walk about the cabin carefully, so long as the Flight Attendant allows it. 

On-board exercises

Step 1: move the feet


1. Circles with ankles
Elevate your feet from the ground and turn them in a circular motion. Make 5 clockwise circles and 5 counter-clockwise circles. Perform this exercise for each foot.

Step 2: separate the feet


2. Foot Pumping
With your heels on the floor, elevate your big toe as much as possible. Maintain this position for a few seconds and place them back on the floor. Elevate your heels with your big toes on the floor and elevate the heel as high as possible, repeat 5 times. 

Step 3: move the shoulders


3. Shoulder movements
In a sitting position, keep your arms in place and move your shoulders in a backwards circular motion 5 times. Repeat this exercise moving in the opposite direction and repeat the same number of times. 

Step 4: move the legs


4. Knee Bending 
In a sitting position, gently lean forward and grab your knee with your hands. Slightly pull the knee, lifting it towards your chest and hold that position for 15 seconds. Repeat twice for each leg. 

Step 5: move the arms


5. Shoulder stretching 
In a sitting position, place your right hand on your left shoulder attempting to touch your back, take your right elbow with your left hand and slowly move your right shoulder towards your left shoulder. Maintain this position for 15 seconds, change poses and repeat this procedure twice. 

Step 6: move your head


6. Head Circles
In a sitting position, relax your shoulders and stretch your neck towards your left shoulder for a few seconds, turn your head slowly towards your chest, then stretch over your right shoulder. Maintain this position for a few seconds and repeat the process twice, moving your head towards the left and right shoulders.