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Conferences and corporate events

Find an event that is of interest to you and fly with the best fare

Features of our service

Below you will find the benefits of our program to organize your events and conventions. Also, find out who our partners are. Do not forget to check the list of destinations and the calendar of activities.​​

Advantages for organizers and attendees


A single solution for organization and carrying out fairs and events at any of our destinations. ​

So you can be up to date with our Congresses and Conventions, we invite you to check the Calendar section.

Benefits for organizers

  • Publishing of the congress on the onboard magazine “Avianca en Revista​” and at​ (subject to availability).
  • Official e-card of the event to promote among attendees.
  • Performance bonus for compliance with sales goal.

Benefits for attendees

  • Discounts for purchase of air tickets, which will vary depending on the origin and destinations. Discounts apply to fly as of five days before the beginning of the event and 5 days after the final day of the event. They do not apply for promotional rates, taxes, airport fees, or other promotions of the airline. ​
  • Easy purchasing access to acquire discount tickets.
  • Accumulation of miles in our LifeMiles frequent flyer program (for members).

Check our terms and conditions.


Conventions or incentive trips

A solution to hold business meetings or incentive trips, simply and optimizing resources.  ​

​Benefits when negotiating

  • Publishing of the convention on the onboard magazine “Avianca en Revista” (subject to availability).
  • Special rates for attendees.
  • Official e-card of the event to informing the attendees about their benefits with Avianca​.
  • Support during the trip for persons making inspection trips according to the number of passengers.
  • Possibility of obtaining free tickets depending on the number of passengers.
  • Use of Avianca Tours agreements for hotels and ground transportation (applies only for Colombia).
  • A duly coded convention will count towards compliance of the client’s goal in the Preference program. 

Benefits when travelling

  • Group check-in the day before.
  • Group seat assignment.
  • Specialized service at airports according to negotiations (preferential line, name on screens, onboard and waiting room announcement, exoneration in baggage policy).

Check our terms and conditions​.