Legal documentation

Before you travel we recommend that you:


1. Make sure that your passport is valid.

2. Comply with all migratory regulations of the countries of origin, destination and transit (in the event of connections).

3. Check the following link: IATA Travel Centre, to learn about the different requirements in countries regarding visas, sanitation, documents and others. Please note that this information is a guide of the migratory requirements for your trip.

4. Remember that it is your responsibility to know and be informed about all documents and requirements for your trip.

5. Know if you need a vaccination certificate to enter the country where you are traveling. You can find out on the World Health Organization’s website (available only in English).

6. Verify the modifications to the norms and obtain all documents to enter and exit a country, as well as the formalities required by the authorities, even before purchasing the ticket.

7. Learn about the migratory requirements at consulates or embassies of the country of destination or transit.


Next, we offer relevant information about some issues which you should consider before travelling.

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New Colombian pas​sport​

If at the time of travel the Passenger is an adult, but their passport was issued with their Child ID card number, this information must be changed for the National ID card, to avoid problems with the migration authorities.

More information about issuing the new passport.​


Information to Passengers from/to Bra​zi​l

Please note that according to the provisions of Resolution 2524/98​ of the Central Bank of Brazil, we report that passengers entering or leaving the country with currency or money instruments equal to or greater than BRL 10,000 (in cash, checks, travelers checks or the equivalent in other currencies) must declare this to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.​



If you are planning to travel to Canada by air and you are visa-exempted citizen, please be aware of the new ETA requisite (Electronic Travel Authorization). The authorization is linked electronically to your passport and is valid for up to five year or until your passport is expired, whichever occurs first.

Know more about the electronic travel authorization​.​


Mandatory health insurance for tourists

Are you traveling to Galapagos? Read the following information to avoid setbacks:

Starting on november 1, 2018, all foreign travelers entering this country must show Ecuadorian authorities proof of mandatory medical insurance.

Citizen of Haiti

If you are a citizen of Haiti and intend to enter Ecuador for tourism during a time period of no more than 90 days, you must obtain the approval and acceptance code in order to enter the country before buying your ticket.

Steps for tourist validation

1. Register with the EcuadorVirtual Consulate​ system and complete the Single Tourist Validation form. You may previously read the touristregistration instructions​.

2. Attach the requested documentation and wait for the validation by an officer of the Vice Minister’s Office of Human Mobilization of Ecuador.

3. Within a week, ​you will receive an e-mail indicating if you were validated as a tourist.

4. If accepted, you will receive an alphanumeric code in such e-mail, which you have to present to the airline in order to purchase the ticket, as well as to the immigration officer at your arrival to Ecuador.

5. This code shall have a maturity of 10 days maximum as of the intended departure date.