Regulamento de Condições de Acesso e Utilização de Serviços de Salas VIP

The airlines part of Avianca Holdings S.A., which act jointly but not severally, collectively referred to as Avianca, present the following Rules of Access and Use of the Services of the Avianca VIP Lounges around the world. 

This document establishes the conditions of access and use of the VIP Rooms that must be observed by the Users that enter these spaces and use the services offered there. The User and/or his/her companion(s) declare that they know and accept these Rules by the sole fact of their entry into the VIP Lounge.

The benefits and facilities provided in the VIP Lounge are independent of the air transport service to which a passenger is entitled from the transportation contract agreed upon with any of the airlines part of Avianca Holdings S.A.

These Rules include the general rules that regulate the use and access of Users in Silver, Gold, and/or Diamond VIP lounges that may be administered directly by Avianca or on behalf of Avianca and operated by a service contractor.

These Rules apply to all natural persons who enter the VIP lounges (hereinafter, the “User”), including:

  • A user who buys an Executive booth.
  • A user who buys the Lounge Day Pass.
  • A user who uses the Priority Pass benefit.
  • A user who is an Elite member in the LifeMiles* program.
  • Anyone accompanying a LifeMiles* Elite member or Star Alliance member.
  • A user who is a Star Alliance member.
  • Any person who, due to any circumstance, has access to the VIP Lounges.

*LifeMiles is the loyalty program offered by Avianca to its frequent travelers. The Terms and Conditions of this Loyalty Program are defined by LifeMiles Ltd. as the owner of the Program. Check the terms and conditions available.