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How can you enjoy your virtual card?

Step 1

Find your virtual card in the app.
You can download the app from:

Enter your LifeMiles number and password.

Step 2

Click on the Avianca icon located on the app’s home page
or slide the screen to your right to enter your LifeMiles virtual card information

tarjeta lifemiles Paso 2
tarjeta lifemiles paso 3

Step 3

Enjoy all the information of your virtual card
You can check your status, balance, elite counter, news and promotions

Available as a QR Code
You can show it at check-in to identify yourself and earn miles with Avianca and Star Alliance member airlines.

These are the exclusive benefits enjoyed by our Elite members:

Your Virtual LifeMiles Card

LifeMiles Silver Elite

When you are a LifeMiles Silver Elite member you can enjoy exclusive benefits when flying with Avianca and Star Alliance member airlines. Scroll down to discover them: