Corporate Citizenship

With the best human talent and technology, on our 2020 flight, we will be recognized as an excellent corporate citizen, connecting our interest groups with the best alternatives to generate social and environmental value, and humanitarian aid for Latin America.

Avianca citizen

At Avianca, being human is at the center of everything we do. We are committed to being a transformation agent for the companies where we work. Our Corporate Citizen strategy: Avianca Citizen, has the purpose of contributing to building better citizens in Latin America. We participate in the most relevant scenarios and initiatives of corporate citizenship, sustainability and shared value in the region, and we offer high-impact social and environmental investment platforms for our customers and interest groups. We also work hand in hand with civil organizations renowned for the quality and impact of their work.

Our Strategic Pillars

Human Avianca

We connect social value and humanitarian aid through our corporate conduct, social programs and better products to build social value.

Miles Bank

We connect children and teenagers from Latin America’s most vulnerable communities with medical treatments and highly complex surgeries. Invested miles are used to transfer children in need of specialized medical attention via air, and save or improve their quality of life. Since 2006, almost 3.000 children have been benefited, transporting them and their families by redeeming almost 75 million miles.

Children for America

We connect children and teenagers of Latin America’s most vulnerable communities so they can be a part of a unique flight experience with Avianca, making the dreams of children with highly-complex diseases or reserved diagnoses come true. Likewise, for children who stand out for their academic performance and for whom travel means a recognition, award or distinction from an educational entity, a scholarship or to share research, studies or projects that contribute to the development of communities and caring for the environment. Since 2006 more than 3.000 tickets have been awarded.

Avianca Cares

We support assistance during natural disasters and social emergencies along Avianca’s routes. We work with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, helping transport humanitarian aid to help affected population or rescue personnel, volunteers, medical teams or victims during an emergency.