Pregnancy and medical conditions

We know that there are health conditions that require special treatment. Below you will find some recommendations for pregnant women, persons who need to travel with portable medical equipment, among others.

When must I present a medical certificate?

  • Trips with newborns: If your baby is between 7 and 28 days old, is premature or needs special medical assistance. 
  • Pregnancy: When you are 30 or more weeks pregnant and there are no risks for your pregnancy. When there are risks to your pregnancy and you are 30 weeks pregnant or less. 
  • Surgeries: If you underwent a surgical procedure you may travel after a certain number of days after the procedure. In some cases, you may not meet the necessary conditions to travel. 
  • Diseases and other conditions: If you have cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological or psychiatric health problems. You may also travel with medical devices such as POC or CPAP.

Useful recommendations for your trip

  • Medications on the plane: We suggest that you keep them in your carry-on baggage and bring the medical prescription certifying their use (it would probably be requested at the airport).
  • Cases when you may not fly: People with highly contagious diseases such as diphtheria, hepatitis, meningitis, measles, tuberculosis and smallpox.
  • Transporting patients within Peru: If you have a special medical case and must be transported in an airplane other than an air ambulance, and your flights are within Peru and your ballot has been issued by Essalud or the Ministry of Health of this country, take into account this information and documents to present and have your doctor sign it.

What requirements should I take into account?

If you want to use your own concentrator please note the following:

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Validity of the medical certificate

The document must be issued at the latest 10 days prior to departure of your flight. You may show it on your return trip; as long as no more than 1 month has elapsed and your health condition Is stable.

  • On the day of travel please present the original document at the check-in counter. 
  • For more information, please consult the medical guide for passengers 
  • Contact us via our Call Center.

Medical guide for passengers

Below we reproduce a simple table taken from the Aeronautica Civil (Civil Aviation Authority) Medical Guide for Authorization of Passenger Transport, issued on May 31, 2016. 

Note: For further details please consult the Original Medical Guide.

Yes*: All medical certificates we require from passengers to perform their trip must be issued at most 10 days prior to the travel date and that medical certificate will be valid from the return trip for up to 1 month in the absence of changes to the health condition.

NOTE: In cases where there is a difference in the number of days to fly, the treating physician and Airport Sanitation, the opinion of Sanitation prevails. Remember that for any air travel after any of the abovementioned situations, you must comply with the rest period set forth therein, otherwise you may endanger your life and that of other occupants of the aircraft.