On board Accessories

Business Class remote control

This cutting edge remote control features a wide LCD screen and QWERTY keyboard. Now browsing our In-flight Entertainment System is a breeze and you have access to the best TV shows, movies and games. You can also use your remote control to turn your light on and off from the comfort of your seat or to call a member of the cabin crew.


Economy Class remote control

Enjoying the best In-Flight Entertainment in South America is easy thanks to the QWERTY keyboard you'll find on the back of your remote control. It not only lets you navigate and select your favorite TV shows, movies and games, but you can also turn your light on and off from the comfort of your seat or call a member of the cabin crew.


USB port

Charge your mobile devices from the comfort of your seat. Available in Economy and Business Class.


Power outlet

In both Business and Economy Class we provide you power outlets to charge your mobile devices, tablets, computers and other electrical devices.


Business Class Headsets

We provide travelers exclusive noise canceling headphones in Business Class. Enjoy a unique experience with superior quality audio which isolates external noise letting you enjoy yourself without distractions. In Economy Class you can request simpler headphones or use your own.


Availability for this accesories depends on the class and type of aircraft in which you are traveling.