Prohibited items in baggage

    1. Prohibited items in checked baggage

Items such as electronic cigarettes, barometers, mercury thermometers and lithium batteries, cannot be carried as permitted checked baggage, as they are considered dangerous. You may bring them with you as hand baggage.

    2. Restricted items in hand baggage

The following items cannot travel with you in the airplane cabin, their carriage must be exclusively undertaken in the cargo compartment. Remember that they must be correctly packed in packaging to avoid any injury to people in charge of baggage handling and to guarantee the safety of the flight.

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may put health, security, property or the environment at risk. 

Transportation of these elements as carry on baggage or free allowed baggage is regulated according to its classification. Some of these may not be carried during flight under any circumstance.

What are dangerous goods?

There are several types of dangerous goods. Find out their classification below.

IATA Classification

Depending on their level of risk and protocols required for their safe transportation in commercial flights, dangerous goods are divided into 9 classes. Below is an explanation of this classification and some examples.