Following the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Sanitary Authorities of some countries are requesting the yellow fever vaccine as a requisite of entry to all travelers from 9 months of age, traveling to areas where There is evidence of persistent or periodic transmission of the yellow fever virus.

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Keep in mind

Remember that if you do not have the certificate in case it is required, you can be denied entry to the country. That's why we recommend you pay attention to these tips.

  • The vaccination card will be valid to enter the countries after 10 days of the vaccination, that is, travelers should be vaccinated at least 10 days before their trip.
  • The vaccination card must be presented to the personnel of the respective airline at the time of check in and / or delivery of luggage. Likewise, it will be required in Immigration by the officials of the country of entry.
  • To find out if you need a vaccination certificate to enter the country you travel to, go to the World Health Organization website.

Cases in which the International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever is mandatory:

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Know in which cases you are exempt from presenting a vaccination card.

  • If the passenger comes on a connecting or cruise flight and will be less than 24 hours in the country, he does not need the vaccine.
  • People who can not be vaccinated against yellow fever by a medical, absolute or relative contraindication, such as suffering from thymus disease or history of having suffered it, as well as severe egg allergy.
  • Children under 9 months of age and people 60 and older. In this case, they must present a valid document that indicates date of birth.
  • Pregnant women or during periods of lactation.

For more information about the countries with risk of transmission, passengers can visit this website, access the website or call our call center numbers:

Bolivia (800) 10-8222

Brazil (0 800) 891-8668

Argentina (0 810) 333-8222

Peru (511) 511-8222 Lima or 0800 5 111 in the rest of the country

El Salvador (503) 2267-8222

United States 1800 2842622

Costa Rica (506) 2299-8222

Colombia (01 8000) 95-3434