Improve your flight

We offer various options to make your travel experience more enjoyable

Additional baggage

Additional Services allows you to pay a fee for extra weight on the checked baggage.

Buy in advance and get a special discount

Enjoy this benefit when you buy the service on our website, call center, sales offices or travel agencies.

Acquire this service in the section optional requests when buying your flight. The discount applies to online purchases from Argentina and Mexico to any of our destinations or from Colombia and Brazil to North America.

Learn more about our luggage policies.

Add a new seat

Your comfort is fundamental for us. That's why we have options for you to travel how you want.

If you need additional space or wish to have preferential seating, you can acquire one of the following services:

Additional seat: Purchase another seat if you want to travel at ease or transport another piece of baggage.

Empty seat: Travel with more space on the plane. We like to think about your comfort.

Preferential seating: Choose your favorite seat. We want your trip to become an unforgettable experience.

If you want to purchase this service, click here for more information.

Upgrade to Business Class

We offer you multiple alternatives to make your trip a more pleasant experience.

You can upgrade to Business Class through an online auction or through a last minute promotion.

Auction: If you purchased an Economy Class ticket and if one of your travel segment applies, make us an offer of the amount you would be willing to pay for an upgrade. The sum of money you offer will be in addition to the value paid for your ticket..

Last-minute upgrade: When you check in at the airport check the availability of seats in Business Class and the amount to pay for the upgrade.

Do you want to ascend? click the link below and find out everything you need and make your offer.

Travel Assistance

Travel without worries. Personalize your experience with the comprehensive assistance service.

Avianca Travel Assistance is a comprehensive passenger assistance program offered by ASSIST CARD, with global coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your destination.

This assistance includes medical expenses for illnesses, house calls, telemedicine (video medical attention), assistance to pregnant women, legal assistance, refund for delays or flight cancellation, early return, baggage tracing, among others benefits.

If you want to know how to acquire this service and all the information about it, click this link below.