Charges for optional services

Find out more about some of the products and services that we offer depending on your flight requirements.

Please note that all the following services are subject to the applicable taxes according to the legislation of each country.​

To get to know details about each product or service please check the information in the Travel information.

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Additional Charges


Charges for purchases at


Country/Destination Charge
Applies only for purchases of domestic flights in Colombia COP 0


Charges for purchases in airports, ticket offices and bank offices*


Country/Destination​ Route Charge





Colombia​​ ​

International Routes From USD 1 to USD 354 USD 15.00
From USD 354 to USD 590 USD 28.00
From USD 590 to USD 944 USD 46.00
More than USD 944 USD 95.00
Domestic Routes One way C​​O​P 30.000
Roundtrip​ C​​OP 54.500

*VAT applicable in the country of sale.


Charges for purchases in airports or ticket offices *​


Country/Destination R​outes​​ Charge
Aruba​​ US​​D 35
Brazil and Bolivia​** U​​SD 30

​Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Cuba,
Curazao, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada and the United States

USD​ 30​​
El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, ​Honduras, Belice,
USD 25​​​
Peru International Routes US​D 30​
Domestic Routes

One way US​D ​​6.30 

Roundtrip USD 12.60​

Ecuador Domestic Routes One way / Roundtrip USD 17
Other Routes USD 30 (Plus​ applicable taxes)
Spain USD 80 (Plus​ applicable taxes)
Britain USD 100 (Plus​ applicable taxes)
Spain​​ Intercontinental route​​s
Business Class​​ 81​​ EUR​
Economy Class​​​ 59 EUR​​
Inter-American routes​​ ​
Business Class 44 EU​​R
Economy Class​​ 34 EUR
Domestic routes: Colombia, Peru and Guatemala
Business Class​​ 22 EUR​​
Economy Class​​ 16 ​​​EUR
Other routes (including​ Bus tour ti​​cket) ​
Business Class​​ 2​0 EUR
Economy Class​​ 20 ​​EUR
Discount tickets for travel agencies or Interline (​50​%, 75%, and 90%)
Business Class​​ 12​​ EUR​
Economy Class​​ 1​​2 EUR
United Kingdom Intercontinental route​​s
Business Class​​ 50 G​​BP
Economy Class​​ 30 ​​G​​BP​​
Inter-Amer​​ican routes
Business Class​​ 50 G​​BP​
Economy Class​​ 30 ​​GB​​​P​
Domestic routes: Colo​mbia, Peru, Guatemala​ and Ecuador
Business Class​​ 20 GB​​P​
Economy Class​​ 15 GBP​​​​​
Tickets issued by UK​​ IATA travel agencies 30  G​BP​​​
Tickets issued​​ by NON-IATA travel agencies 20​​ GBP​​​
Delivery of tickets wit​​h plates from other airlines​ 30​ ​​GBP​
Honduras Domestic Routes​​

Tickets sold through the call center in San Pedro Sula routes - La Ceiba,

Tegucigalpa - Roatan, Tegucigalpa - San Pedro Sula , Tegucigalpa -

La Ceiba , Roatan - La Ceiba , on equipment operated c ATR when call

does not originate in Honduras​.

USD​ 25​​

*No taxes included in any of the charges. Some local taxes might be applied.

**VAT charge is already included.


Voluntary reservation cancellation - voluntary change in tickets (flight, date, time, route)

Fee applies depending on the type of fare purchased.

For flights to and from the United States: when you make a reservation and buy a ticket at any ticket office, call center or through, you may cancel your reservation without penalty and receive a full refund of the amount paid, provided the cancelation is made within 24 hours after purchase, and the reservation was made 7 days prior to departure.


Tiquetes LifeMiles award tickets

Taxes according to the route apply.

For purchases in the call center or Sales Offices an administrative fee applies. The administrative fee varies depending on the LifeMiles status, advance purchase and ticket route. For more information, visit


Pre-check-in service charge at points of sale in Bolivia USD 8.70 and Peru USD 5.00.

Charge for reissuing and revalidation service at sales points: USD 10.


Ticket reissue 

A 15 GBP charge is applied for the UK.

A 55 EUR charge is applied for the rest of Europe​.


Service fee applies for reissues and validations performed at sales points within Colombia​

COP 30.000​.

Optional Services

General information 


Product/Service Details of product/Service Fare 5-17 years

Unaccompanied minors


Flights within Colombia COP 100.000* 
​​Flights within Ecuador USD 30*
​​Flights within Peru USD 30*
​Flights within Latinamerica USD 100

Fligths from/to Europe

USD 115
EUR 100
GBP 90
​Flights within Guatemala and Honduras​​ USD 30
Flights between North America and South America
Flights between North America and Central America
USD 120


Product/Service Details of product/Service Charge
Pet as checked baggage 1 Within Colom​​bia COP 150.000
Within Peru USD 70
Within Ecuador USD 50
From / to United States and Canada  USD 160
International USD 160

Within Honduras and Guatemala

USD 30
Between Colombia and Europa with conection​ (both ways) USD 250 EUR 235 GBP 200 up to 45 kg


Product/Service Details of product/Service Charge
Pet in cabin 2

Rest of international routes

USD 130
Inside Honduras and Guatemala USD 20
Inside Peru and Ecuador USD 45
Domestic Colombia  COP 60.000


Product/Service Details of product/Service

For Elite LifeMiles passengers - Complementary upgrades are available. Please check conditions in

You can purchase an upgrade at the airport on the day of departure, subject to availability, for a fee between USD 99 to USD 650 depending on the route and fare purchased. The upgrade purchase service is not available in all airports.

In Ecuador upgrades are charged between USD 25 and USD 50.​


1 On international flights and flights within Colombia this service only applies for pets with a maximum weight of 20 kg and only on flights less than or equal to 2 hours. If the pet weighs more than 20 kg the cargo service will be offered. For routes to/from Spain with connections the service is available if the connecting flight meets the above conditions.

2 Transportation in the cabin is only available for dogs and cats on international routes, for domestic routes in Colombia small birds are also allowed.

* Fares valid as of August 30, 2018.

Plus applicable taxes.

Transportation of pets in the cabin is not available to/from Europe.


Product/service Regions Charges*
Scuba equipment
Delta wing***
National routes in Colombia COP 80.000
National routes in Peru USD 20
National routes in Honduras and Guatemala USD 20
National routes in Ecuador USD 20
Flights from Central America to North America USD 150****
Other destinations:

-Flights from South America to North America
-Flights within Latin America
-Flights to Europe
USD 100
From Europe EUR 95
GBP 80
Golf equipment
Ski equipment
National routes in Colombia COP 60.000
National routes in Peru USD 20
National routes in Honduras and Guatemala USD 20
National routes in Ecuador USD 20

Other destinations:

-Flights to/from North America
-Flights within Latin America
-Flights to Europe

USD 40
From Europe EUR 40
GBP 35

* Plus applicable taxes.

** The charge for 1st surfboard bag for flights to/from Brazil is USD$50 plus taxes, regardless of the ticket purchase date; the charge for the 2nd bag onwards, for tickets issued as of April 03, 2017 is USD$100 plus taxes per bag.

*** Transportation of Delta Wing applies only within Colombia.

**** Fares valid as of February 26, 2018.

In-flight products


Enjoy the following on board entertainment products and services with no additional cost:

  • Video (available in our Airbus fleet).
  • Audio (available in our Airbus fleet).
  • Video games (available on our Airbus fleet).
  • Reading materials (available on-board all our fleet and in VIP lounges).
  • Headphones (available on-board our Airbus fleet).

Services available upon request and at no additional cost:

  • Services for passengers with disabilities.
  • In-flight crib service.
  • In-flight special food and drink.
  • Blankets and pillows.

Travelers in transit without a visa


Travelers with transit visa (TWOV) with flights to Mexico have a USD 75 charge as of April 9, 2012.


Our codeshare partners may have different policies. If you wish to know the charges for their optional services, we invite you to visit each airline’s website​: