Baggage irregularities

We make every effort to avoid any damage, delay or loss to your baggage, however, our liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited.

International travels

For international travel where the Montreal Convention (available in spanish) applies, our liability is less than or equal to 1,131 (one thousand one hundred thirty one) Special Drawing Rights per passenger with ticket, for registered or unregistered baggage as applicable. The value of Special Drawing Rights will vary with exchange rates and may be checked by visiting the Internationaln Monetary Fund website.

Baggage in custody

We recommend you do not include the following items in the baggage you check with the Airline (these must be taken in your carry-on baggage or shipped via a freight company​). The airline's liability is limited if these items have not been declared:  

To insure your baggage against loss that exceeds the applicable liability limits, you must purchase third party travel insurance.
Compensation is not immediate. The amount payable for loss or damage must be proved to ensure appropriate compensation up to the applicable liability limit.

In addition to the above, please note that if you check baggage with these new characteristics we will request that you sign the Limited Liability tag at our counters and cases for claims will not be opened. Avoid transporting your baggage under the following conditions:

  • Plasticized baggage
  • Baggage with preexisting damage.
  • Baggage that shows evidence of content that exceeds its capacity.
  • Anything that does not constitute a conventional baggage: Boxes, Styrofoam coolers, bags, etc.
  • Inadequate packaging.

Problems with your baggage?

Baggage assistance after the trip

Faced with an irregularity with your luggage, you can make formal claims in our official channels:

When contacting us please have your baggage tag number to hand. The baggage tag number is comprised of 2 letters and 6 numbers.