Passengers with disabilities

Know our special services to mak​​e your flight even more comfortable.

​We want to give you an excellent service that complies with all the accessibility requirements and makes you trip a smooth experience. Please remember that the more information you can give us about your needs when making your booking or planning your trip the better we can​ help you.

​If you need a special service for a disability condition, please read here some recommendations to make your journey a very enjoyable experience​

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Upon request, you'll receive priority service during check in as well as assistance from our team during boarding, to make sure you're at the front of the line and to ensure your safety. You'll receive assistance in transporting your wheelchair, mobility aids, assistive devices and any authorized respiratory apparatus you may have, which we don't count as part of your free baggage allowance​.​​

We ask you to please​

  • Arrive at the airport as far in advance as possible prior to your scheduled flight departure.
  • For flights in Peru you must be at the airport counter at least one hour prior to your scheduled flight. If you arrive late you will only be accepted under certain conditions.
  • Pay close attention to all announcements made by the Airline to be fully aware of your flight status to avoid any possible inconvenience.
  • Have all the required travel and immigration documents with you* and also -if necessary- your medical certificate.
  • Notify about the condition of the wheelchair or any other permitted aid equipment you may wish to transport as checked baggage. For flights from and to the United States, in single-aisle aircrafts, your wheelchair shall be stored in the cargo hold under DOT approved procedures, provided that you request so with an airline representative at the check-in counter.​

*​At the check-in module, security and control points, boarding gate and onboard the flight.

Please note​​

  • If you’re traveling with a battery powered wheelchair, turn the device off before checking it, protect the terminals against short circuits and make sure the battery pack is securely attached to the structure. Advise our staff about the manufacturer's assembly instructions or if there is any specific requirement for transit in the hold. When checking the wheelchair you must indicate if the batteries are spillable or non-spillable, so we can determine the appropriate handling.​​
  • If you’re traveling with your own respiratory assistance equipment, arrive at the airport an hour early in addition to the minimum established check-in time prior to the scheduled flight departure, to allow the required verification process to be completed so it can be transported.

During your flight our trained crew will gladly assist you according to the Airline’s safety and service standards. We’ll also accommodate you in the seat that is most convenient for you according to your needs and the aircraft type.

Read more​

  • The wheelchair service is free of charge.
  • The company allows the free transport of guide dogs or emotional support animals.
  • Our staff on the ground and onboard our aircraft are trained to assist our disabled passengers.
  • We will provide a pre-flight safety briefing card in Braille upon request.
  • Take all the medicines needed for the flight in your carry-on baggage, and make sure you’ve brought enough in case of any delay.
  • Please carry all necessary items to attend to your physiological needs, if you can’t use the lavatory without assistance.
  • Stretchers and incubators are not accepted on our flights.​​​​

A safety escort (assistant) may be required to travel with you, due to disability​​

  • You are not able to understand or receive (for example, if you have both severe hearing and vision impairments) required safety instructions using a recognized medium e.g., lip reading, and can not establish some other means of communication with our crew.
  • You do not understand or respond appropriately to safety instructions due to a mental disability.
  • You have a mobility impairment so severe that you are unable to physically assist in your own evacuation of the aircraft.

Please note that safety assistants must be ticketed for travel. If you attempt to check-in without a safety assistant, and we determine that an assistant is necessary for your safety during the flight (even contrary to your self-assessment), we are not obligated to find or provide a safety assistant to accompany you. If you are not traveling with a required safety assistant, you may be denied boarding.

In compliance with European Community regulations, airports located within Europe provide a wheelchair service. In general the terms are as follows:

For our passenger the wheel-chair service, carriage of up to two mobility equipment, in-cabin certified guide dogs and medical equipment are free, but they must be requested before the flight through our call center​ or email

  • Passengers that need a wheel chair must take into account that their carry-on luggage must have a maximum weight of 10 kilograms (20 pounds) that enable an easy management.

We offer at no additional cost guide dog carriage services, transportation of medical equipment and up to two mobility devices that are owned and for personal use.

If you need to carry more mobility instruments, you can do it, however, if the foregoing items are for a third-party, the checked baggage fee can be substituted or if they are additional are charged and handled pursuant to the applicable excess baggage policy.

 Download the Spanish version of the general conditions and restrictions of the service


The service is provided directly by Aena​ (Association of Spanish Airports and Air Controllers) at the meeting points defined at each of the airports. Passengers should request the wheelchair service for these flights directly with the airline, a minimum of 48 hours prior to departure.

After this period, applications must be made directly to Aena. Once the airline receives the request from the passenger, it will inform Aena between 36 and 48 hours before the flight, using the special list designed for this procedure.​

Check the Spanish version of​ assistance for people with reduced mobility.​​


The Passenger must request the wheelchair service directly with the airline a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure. On arrival at the airport they must contact a representative of the airline to request service assistance.

Once the airline receives the request from the Passenger, it will inform the wheelchair service supplier 36 hours prior to the flight departure.​​