Cenit, benefits for life

Cenit is the acknowledgment of a lifetime of loyalty with Avianca, as a benefit you will receive all the Elite benefits for life.

How to get the benefit?

  • 15 years or more of having joined LifeMiles or predecessor programs.
  • 60 years old
  • Have historically accumulated at least 1 million qualifying miles

What else should you know?

If you are recognized as Cenit 1M Partner, you will have Gold Elite status in Lifemiles for your whole life, even if you do not travel with the same frequency. However, if last year you met the requirements to achieve or maintain Diamond Elite status, you will enjoy the benefits of this until the end of the corresponding period.

On the other hand, by being recognized as CENIT 2M, you will obtain Diamond Elite status for life.

Upon reaching this recognition, your membership card will be automatically updated in the Avianca and LifeMiles App, if you do not have your virtual card yet, update it here.

* Each year we will update your LifeMiles Elite card with the CENIT recognition.