Do you want to be our supplier?

We have designed a space where you can include relevant information about your company and the goods and/or services it offers. For more information click on the button below: 

If you are currently our supplier and you need a commercial certification, you can go to our form Request commercial certifications AVH suppliers.

For questions related to the process of registration, consultation of payments or tax certifications, you can go to the following emails: 


At Avianca Holdings we are committed to evaluating the sustainability metrics of our suppliers, which is why we have the following two KPIs:

  • nsure that all our new suppliers are aware of our Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct, which includes relevant issues such as Human Rights, Environment and Social Responsibility, Protection of the rights of minors, zero tolerance of corruption.
  • Evaluate and identify our high-risk suppliers based on the segmentation model and through performance evaluations.