Beyond flying

We assume our Social Responsibility through an ongoing commitment of contribution to interest groups via co​​ncrete and measurable actions, by emphasizing business sustainability and incorporating the three performance variables: social, environmental and economic.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility is expressed through a strategic management model ​which prizes:

  • Ethics
  • Social inclusion
  • Win-win relationships with suppliers, partners, clients/customers, the community and investors.


Our commitment

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Social responsibility

In the social sphere, we have developed a plan intended to provide quality services to both passengers and users and, at the same time, we have been involved in public and private initiatives aiming at improving living conditions of the Latin American population.



1.Miles bank

We are committed to helping children through the “Banco de MillasAvianca” (Avianca Miles Bank), where air miles contributed by us and passengers members of the LifeMiles, frequent flyer program are deposited with the aim of taking poor children who need specialized medical attention to various centers of excellence throughout the country and abroad.

Since the program’s inception in 2006 and up until 2015, more than 1,900 people have been benefited and 52,184,566 miles have been accumulated. In 2015, 248 people were taken to receive specialized medical treatments.

2.Children for America

We form part of the “Children for America” program, which is aimed at helping children of lower income families, who stand out for their behavior and academic excellence, to fulfill their dream of flying and knowing different regions in Latin America.

In the “Children for America” program, the students begin their experience at the Airport through worships and recreational activities. Traveling children have the opportunity to know how an airline operates, how aircraft fly and other aspects related to the airline functioning. In 2008-2015, 2,839 children took part in the program.

3. Solidary Avianca

Our “Solidary Avianca” program is oriented toward moving humanitarian help and medical and rescue personnel. Transportation takes place through our passenger airlines Deprisa and Avianca Cargo.

From 2008 to 2015, more than 337 tons of aid has been mobilized throughout the region. Some of the most outstanding activities and aids include exemption of baggage payment, in-house activities together with contributors with the aim of raising donations, both in kind and cash, to help different social causes

4. I collaborate

Through the “I collaborate" program, we try to mobilize our human talent for them to donate part of their time, knowledge and energy in favor of the social development of communities where the Holding’s subsidiaries operate.

The voluntary work includes: health, education, environment, emergency attention and animal care & protection, as well as specific recreational activities and celebrations of special dates through which communities are benefited.

In 2015, interdisciplinary voluntary groups were involved in around 30 projects in Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ecuador, mainly benefiting non-profit entities mostly oriented to children care.

5. Strategic alliances

The commitment with the regions where we have a presence is crystalized through strategic alliances with leading organizations and institutions in the area of social, cultural and educational projects in Latin America.


Art and culture

In addition to the five programs mentioned above, the Organization supports different initiatives related to the promotion of art and culture in the countries where its subsidiaries operate, with the aim of contributing to the protection and promotion of their heritage, the strengthening of national identity, and the development of art expressions