Easily and quickly change your itinerary

You can now change the date and time of your flight whenever you want! Choose what is more convenient.

How to do it?

1. Enter “Flight  Status” and complete the requested information at Avianca.com.

Flight status

2. Click on the “Modify Flights” button on Ticket Status Information.

Modify flights

3.  Select the flight you want to change. Choose the origin, destination and date.

Origin, destination and date

4. Choose a new flight.

New flight

5.  Check the details of your changes and the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

6.   Pay the fare difference if necessary. You may also have a balance to your favor depending on the fare of the new flight.


.We will send you an e-mail with confirmation of the change.

Change confirmation

8.  Upon clicking on “Send receipt” we will e-mail you the details of the fare difference for your change of itinerary.

Details email

Terms and Conditions

Please consider the following before making changes:

  • Changes you make apply for all passengers included in the same reservation. If the change is only for one passenger, please call or visit us.
  • If your ticket has penalties for date/route changes, you must pay with a valid credit card. 
  • If the new date/route you choose has a higher fare, you must pay for the difference between what you originally paid and the new fare.
  • If you had an upgrade to Business Class on the flight you are modifying, you will loose the upgrade when making the change. 
  • The ticket you are changing must have been purchased on our web site.

This service is not available for:

  • Tickets purchased within the past 24 hours
  • Expired tickets
  • Tickets purchased with LifeMiles
  • Previously checked-in passengers.