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All about Santiago de Chile

Santiago mountain

Diverse, organized, magical, romantic and cosmopolitan. Santiago has everything it needs to give you some dream vacations. Climb up San Cristobal, delight yourself with the best of the kitchen in the Bellavista neighborhood, relive history in the Palacio de la Moneda, enjoy a good Chilean wine and discover why the southern city is recognized as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Must know

You breathe art in Santiago 

Bellavista neighborhood is the cultural epicenter of Santiago. You will find galleries, museums, bars, and cultural centers in its streets. Calle Bombero Núñez street and its walls decorated with graffiti are a must do stop.

Santiago city night

Here you don't party, you go to "carretear"

To make sure the locals understand you, don't say that you want to go to a party, say that you want to "carretear" They're sure to take you to Lastarria, Brazil, Ñuñoa or Vitacura, neighborhoods where the best discos are concentrated.

Santiago city

The Central Market combines the best of the local kitchen

If you want to try the most authentic cooking in Chile, you have to program your visit to the Central Market, where more than 200 sellers come together among stalls with fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and restaurants. 

You can follow the steps of Neruda

In the Bellavista neighborhood you can visit "La Chascona" one of the houses of Pablo Neruda, winner of the Nobel prize in literature. This museum house not only enables learning about the life and work of the poet, but also you can take part in workshops.

Flights to Santiago de Chile

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