General recommendations

Before packing, learn about dimensions, weight and elements allowed in your baggage

When packing

Couple packing their suitcase
  • Put​ the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase to prevent the clothes from creasing.
  • Pack your shoes in plastic bags so they don’t soil your clothes.
  • We recommend using our freight service.
  • When choosing your bag, please keep in mind our policy on baggage allowance.  

Note: For your safety, the police, customs, airport and/or aeronautical authority may inspect your baggage. We, as an airline, are not responsible for the inspection. If you secure your bag with a lock, plastic or other mechanism, the authorities may be forced to break it or force it open. This is a security measure to avoid transportation of dangerous goods, forbidden substances, objects or unauthorized items that can pose a threat to the safety of the flight. We thank you for your understanding.