Travelers in transit without visa

Some countries allow Travel​ers to​ transit without a visa (TWOV) when due to their flight schedule they have to transit or stop in a country on the way to their destination country.

If you have to stop in a country where you are not a citizen for transit purposes, remember to always take:

  • All required travel documentation for both your transit and destination country.
  • The ticket to your final desired destination or a return ticket back to the point of origin.
  • Sufficient funds or a credit card in case you have to buy another ticket.
  • Valid ID document.
  • Visa for your final destination or previously issued valid entry authorization.
Travelers without vi​sa


  • All Travelers in transit without visa (TWOV) must have their connecting flight(s) and ticket confirmed.
  • Their complete journey must be in one ticket.
  • For connecting flights in Mexico, a charge of USD 75 is payable. 


  • TW​OV transit is not applicable in the United States.
  • Does not apply to Travelers with discounted tickets and/or tickets subject to availability.
  • Does not apply to Travelers who have to spend the night in Mexico.
  • Travelers in transit cannot volunteer to give up their seat if the flight has been oversold.
  • Does not apply for Passengers with checked baggage   without exceptions.