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Avianca serves with more than 172 new generation aircraft fleet, recognized worldwide for their cutting edge technology, efficiency and comfort; high performance and reliability:

Tipo de aeronave


Boeing 787


Airbus A330


Família Airbus A320






Embraer E190


Cessna 208


Airbus A330F (Ônus)




*Fleet in operation June, 2017
A superior product can be delivered to passengers in technology, service standards and safety thanks to a 6,73 average age of the fleet.

Fleet specifications

Model Specifications
Boeing 787​

Configuration: 28 seats in Business y 222 seats in economy

Cruise speed: 913 kph

Cruice height: 19.350 mts

Airbus A330

Configuration: 32 seats in Business, 206 seats in economy

Cruise speed: 880 kph

Service ceiling: 12.500 mts

Airbus A321

Configuration: 12 seats in Business, 182 seats in economy

Cruise speed: 846 kph

Service ceiling: 12.100 mts

Airbus A320

Configuration: 12 seats in Business, 138 seats in economy

Cruise speed: 846 kph

Service ceiling: 11.900 mts

Airbus A318

Configuration: 12 seats in Business, 88 seats in economy

Cruise speed: 828 kph

Service ceiling: 12.600 mts

Airbus A319 Configuration: 12 seats in Business, 108 seats in economy 

Cruise speed: 846 kph

Service ceiling: 12.100 mts

Embraer E190

Configuration: 8 seats in Business, 88 seats in economy.

Cruise speed: 870 kph

Service ceiling: 12.400 mts

ATR 42

Configuration: 48 seats

Cruise speed:556 kph

Range: 1.611 km

ATR 72-600

Configuration: 68 seats

Cruise speed: 480 kph

Range: 1.650 km

Cessna 208

Configuration: 12 seats

Cruise speed: 260 kph

Service ceiling: 12.000 feet

More information and technical details can be found at manufacturers’ sites: 

Airline profile

Avianca in numbers

Aircraft: 172

Destinations*: 106 destinations in 28 countries in the Americas and Europe

Daily flights*: More than 800

Weekly flights*: Near to 6.000 

Transported passengers 2016: More than 29’4 million

Employees: More than 21.000

*Based on operation to March 2017.  

Operational results 2016

From January to December 2016, the Airlines in Avianca Holdings transported a total of 29’479.948 passengers, a 4.2% increase from the same period in 2015. Capacity, measured in ASKs (available seat kilometers) increased by 5.9%, and passenger traffic measured in RPKs (revenue per passenger kilometer) grew 7.8%. Load factor was at 81.1%.

Route Network

Avianca has one of the most comprehensive route networks in Latin America, operating with short, medium, and long haul aircraft to 106 destinations in 28 countries in the Americas and Europe. Through its Star Alliance membership, Avianca travelers can access the biggest global network that includes more than 190 countries and 1,300 airports worldwide. 


Bogota, Colombia

The Bogota hub serves national and international travelers through 3.192 weekly flights to and from 23 cities in Colombia, 7 in North America, 12 in South America, 13 in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and 3 in Europe.

San Salvador, El Salvador

The hub at San Salvador operates more than 649 weekly flights to and from 9 destinations in North America, 6 in South America, 12 in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Lima, Peru

The Hub in Peru operates 578 weekly flights to and from 15 points in South America, 6 in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, 1 in North America, and 6 domestic destinations.

Business Units

Avianca Cargo

Avianca Holdings S.A. offers cargo services for 108 destinations, 22 of these are served by cargo aircraft, and the rest are served through passenger aircraft bellies. Among Avianca Cargo clients are international airlines, distributers, export companies and individual clients.
Five modern Airbus A330F are dedicated to Avianca Cargo, with presence in Colombia, North America, Central America, and South America.

Avianca Services

This business unit specializes in airport ground services, engineering, maintenance and specialized aviation training. More than 10 decades of tradition, experience, commitment and quality.

            Avianca Tours

Provides tour packages for national and international travel in and out of Colombia, delivering options for individual or group or company travel. Clients can count on the experience and robust expertise of the airline with more history in the country.


The frequent flyer program through which passengers can accrue and redeem miles when flying to more than 1.300 destinations around the world, with Avianca or any Star Alliance member. Also, other airline partners like Iberia and Aeromexico and a wide network of allied partners that include hotels, car rentals, restaurants and tours.

Clients have the possibility to enjoy their miles in more than 110,000 hotels worldwide, tours, theme parks, spas or redeem them through the LifeMiles product catalogue.


The document and parcel service in Colombia, with 600 offices strategically located throughout the country.

For international services this business unit partners with leaders in logistics and worldwide courier UPS (United Parcel Services Inc), covering more than 220 countries and territories and through Avianca Express, which serves the Latin American region. Deprisa has more than 150 service touchpoints in the United States, Spain, Canada, England, Aruba, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador.


Family assistance

The air operation of Avianca Holding and each of its operators meets the optimal standards of the industry. However, there may be rarely emergencies resulting in the activation of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP), which includes the Family Assistance Plan, given that our passengers and their families are a top priority in our services.

The Family Assistance Plan is support to families, family members and survivors of plane crashes (OACI CIRCULAR LETTER 285-AN/166). The various types of support or assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Confirmation to the family asking whether the person(s) is(are) or not in the affected aircraft.
  • Counselor.
  • Privacy.
  • Immediate financial support.
  • Immigration and customs formalities.
  • Visit to the accident site.
  • Identification, custody and return of the human remains.
  • Custody and return of personal effects.
  • Information provision.
  • Relation to families.
  • Memorials.
  • Legal advisory.
  • Cockpit voice recording extracts.
  • Family associations.

The Family Assistance Plan of Avianca Holding and affiliates shall comply with the requirements of the aerospace Regulations of each operator, the OACI Circular Letter 285-AN/166,1999, the Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters, prepared by The National Transportation Safety Board, 2008, the IAC 200-1001 Assistance Plan for Accident Victims and Support to their Families 2055, the Federative Republic of Brazil, the IOSA Standards 2015 and ISAGO Standards, the Royal Decree 632/2013 of assistance for civil aviation accident victims and their families, Spain and other Star Alliance Emergency Response Policies and Procedures, 2015.


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Director External Communications, Strategy and Content

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Press Central America, North America and Caribbean

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Phone: (593) 2 2943100 Ext: 2066

Mobile: 0996080841

Message from the CEO

All the members of the airline Avianca share with us in expressing our great sadness and distress about what has happened. During these difficult times, Avianca reiterates its commitment to act responsibly regarding the incurred damages and in accordance with the insurance programs applicable to the Company.

Every one of the people aboard the aircraft was protected by Avianca’s insurance program. However, it is important to note that each case involves a procedure of expert appraisal covering complex legal and administrative aspects that must be completed before proceeding with the respective compensations. The duration of this procedure will vary depending on each case.

The airline also handles the cases of deceased or affected people on the ground, who require different procedures to be applied than those in the aircraft.

On behalf of the Company, we are deeply grateful to the relevant authorities and rescue groups that provided support to the various activities involved in responding to such an unfortunate event with commitment, responsibility and courage. It is important to highlight the support of the following companies: XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, whose volunteers demonstrated an extraordinary capacity of service to provide support in such difficult times.

We reiterate our willingness to provide all the technical and administrative support required so that the investigation teams can perform their work in accordance with the pertinent rules and regulations. 

Avianca will keep a permanent information process in place, to provide orderly information about the different situations that can occur in a case like this.

To all the members of the Avianca Family, thank you very much for all your support and hard work.

Hernán Rincón

CEO Avianca