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What is checked baggage?

Free baggage allowance is what you can take in the plane’s cargo hold without paying for an additional cost. The number of allowed pieces of luggage, their dimensions and their characteristics depend on the region which you are travelling to and from.

  • Remember that the sum of the external dimensions (height + length + width) cannot exceed 158 cm (62 in).
  • No piece of baggage shall exceed the allowed weight and dimensions. Should any of your pieces of baggage exceed the limits, you must pay for excess baggage.

Check the dimensions and weight allowed for your luggage

Restriction for checked baggage at Bogota airport

Since March 15,2019, in line with the standards of several operators of the El Dorado International Airport, (including airlines that are part of the Star Alliance network), Avianca conforms to such schemes and complies with the recommendation issued by the authorities, focused on the non-reception of luggage with plastic, bags, fabrics, and any type of packing material for flights departing from Bogotá.


The materials with which the suitcases are packed that arrive at safety reviews of the airport authorities, must be removed manually to facilitate inspections of the canines, since plastics and fabrics hinder the olfactory work of these anti-narcotics dogs.

A high volume of claims corresponds to customers with luggage that arrives without the packing material for which they paid before their shipment, so this measure seeks to facilitate safety inspections.

LifeMiles or Star Alliance* members

* Applies only for flights on Star Alliance member airlines and/or Avianca Holdings network airlines. If your trip includes flights with other companies, check the section on  baggage with partner airlines

Passengers without LifeMiles Elite status or Gold Star Alliance level

Learn about the special conditions for checked baggage if you do not have LifeMiles or Star Alliance status. Remember that the sum of the external dimensions (height + length + width) cannot exceed 158 cm (62 in).

These are the dimensions and weights allowed for your luggage

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