Avianca Holdings carried 2.4 million passengers

Bogotá, February 23, 2016 

In January 2016, Avianca Holdings and its subsidiaries carried 2,493,371 passengers, a 5.6% increase over the same period in 2015

In January, the subsidiary companies of Avianca Holdings S.A. (NYSE: AVH) (BVC: PFAVH) (*) transported 2,493,371 passengers, up 5.6% compared to January 2015. Capacity, measured in ASKs (available seat kilometers), increased 7.5%, while passenger traffic, measured in RPKs (revenue passenger kilometers), increased 8.0%. The load factor for the month was 82.3%.

Domestic markets in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador

In January, the subsidiary airlines of Avianca Holdings transported within these markets a total of 1,486,576 travelers, up 6.0% compared to January 2015. Capacity (ASKs) increased 3.2%, while passenger traffic (RPKs) increased 9.1%. The load factor for the month was 80.4%.

International markets
In January, the affiliated airlines of Avianca Holdings transported 1,006,795 passengers on international routes, up 5.1% compared to January 2015, Capacity (ASKs) increased 8.8%, while passenger traffic (RPKs) increased 7.7%. The load factor for the month was 82.8%.


Operational Statistics January - 16 January - 15 Δ YoY
Avianca Holdings (Consolidated)      
PAX (K)1  2,493 2,361 5.6%
ASK (mm)2 3,957 3,680 7.5%
RPK (mm)3 3,255 3,015 8.0%
Load Factor4  82.3%  81.9% 0.4pp 
Domestic Market      
PAX (K)1 1,487  1,402 6.0%
ASK (mm)2 838 812 3.2%
RPK (mm)3 674 618 9.1%
Load Factor4 80.4% 76.1% 4.3pp
International Market      
PAX (K)1  1,007 958 5.1%
ASK (mm)2 3,119 2,867 8.8% 
RPK (mm)3  2,581 2,397 7.7%
Load Factor4  82.8% 83.6%  -0.8pp

1PAX: Passengers carried

2ASKs: Available Seat Kilometers

3RPKs: Revenue Passenger Kilometers

4 Load Factor:Represents utilized seating capacity

The terms "Avianca Holdings" or "the Company" refer to the consolidated entity

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About Avianca Holdings S,A,

Avianca Holdings S,A, (NYSE: AVH) (BVC:PFAVH) comprises the airlines: Aerovías del Continente Americano S,A, - Avianca, Tampa Cargo S,A,, incorporated in Colombia, Aerolineas Galapagos S,A, - Aerogal, incorporated in Ecuador, and the TACA Group companies: TACA International Airlines S,A,, incorporated in El Salvador, Lineas Aereas Costarricenses S,A, - LACSA, incorporated in Costa Rica, Transamérican Airlines S,A, incorporated in Perú, Servicios Aéreos Nacionales S,A, - SANSA, incorporated in Costa Rica, Aerotaxis La Costeña S,A,, incorporated in Nicaragua, Isleña de Inversiones S,A, de C,V, - ISLEÑA, incorporated in Honduras and Aviateca S.A, incorporated in Guatemala.