Young artists who save lives

Welcome to the Banco de Millas. We are a bank in which travelers who are members of the LifeMiles program and the airline deposit miles so that children on our continent can receive specialized medical treatment.


Because of all the LifeMiles that have been donated, the Banco de Millas has accrued 40,818,578 miles since 2006, with 1,634 patients and their families benefiting. 3,886,090 miles have been accrued by travelers and the airline so far in 2014, and we have transported 337 children for medical treatment.

We are conducting an experiment at the Banco this year, this is the concept of “Social Transaction” where we all win. Firstly, we converted foundations, play centers and hospitals into children’s art workshops. Each child painted his or her own version of one of the most famous works in the history of art, while others chose to use their imagination and produce works of their own. We thus created the first virtual children’s art gallery.

Now, art lovers, LifeMiles members, airline staff and you can acquire works for as little as 1 mile. Go to to download works produced by our young artists, and that way, we will all be able to give a child a chance to receive specialized medical treatment in one of the routes operated by the company, and you will keep an invaluable work of art.


Become a part of the only Bank in the world where the only interest is helping. Because helping is our destination.