Upgrade to Business Class

If you purchased an Economy Class​ ticket you can upgrade to Business Class.

Discover the advantages

Find out about the services you can receive by upgrading.

How can you upgrade to Business Class?

Find out how to travel on Business Class with the last-minute upgrade or the Plusgrade auctions system.​​

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Conditions for a last-minute upgrade

How do I access last minute?

  1. Check in at the airport.
  2. Ask about class upgrade availability and the number of free seats on Business Class
  3. Find out the additional value you must pay depending on your flight’s route.
  4. Pay at the counter or at the VIP Lounge
  5. Receive your new Business Class boarding pass.

Terms and Conditions

  • Upgrades at the airport may be purchased using any method of payment: credit card, debit card, cash or LifeMiles
  • Upgrades at the airport are sold in order of arrival, regardless of your LifeMiles status.
  • The value of upgrades sold at airport counters or VIP Lounges varies depending on your route. 
  • If you made an offer through the Plusgrade auction and it was not accepted, you may pay for a last-minute upgrade on the day of your flight at the airport counters. Access to this service is subject to availability of the service and the value of the ticket on the route on which you are travelling. 
  • If you purchased a Business Class upgrade after checking in you will not obtain the baggage transportation benefits. 
  • Miles are earned based on the economy fare that was originally purchased. 

Where can you purchase this service?

¿Dónde puedes adquirir este servicio?
¿Dónde puedes adquirir este servicio?

Plusgrade Auctions System

On-line offers

Last-minute upgrade