Terms and conditions Upgrade your Experience

The following terms and conditions apply to any offer our passengers make to Avianca in order to obtain the opportunity to upgrade from their original Economy Class purchase to travel with Avianca in Business Class.

  1. The passenger that makes the offer must be an adult, in accordance with the laws of their country of residence.
  2. The passenger can only make an offer per portion, which must correspond to the purchased ticket .
  3. The offer made for the upgrade is in addition to the price of your Economy Class ticket.
  4. The offer must always be paid using a credit card.
  5. The offer only applies to (the) portion(s) of the flight(s) described(s) in the email you received to obtain the upgrade.
  6. Before sending your details the passenger will be able to see the total amount of the upgrade that includes all the registered people.
    For instance: An offer of twenty United States dollars (USD$20), for a booking registered for three (3) people, will be sixty United States dollars (USD$60) in total. Before sending your details the passenger can see the total amount of the upgrade that includes all the registered people.
  7. The right to an upgrade is personal and non-transferable.
  8. Any offer the passenger makes to Avianca, in relation to the booking made with Avianca, allows them to be considered for an Upgrade according to these Terms and Conditions.
  9. Avianca is not obliged to accept the offer, and cannot guarantee that the passengers will be upgraded regardless of availability in the Business Cabin.
  10.  Acceptance of the offer will be decided by Avianca at its sole discretion and under its own criteria.
  11.  If the passenger receives the upgrade, Avianca cannot guarantee a specific seat in the Business Cabin. Their seat number will depend on space availability.
  12.  After making the offer the passenger accepts that their offer is open to the approval of Avianca at any time until 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  13.  In the case that Avianca accepts the offer of the passenger, they will be notified via email and their credit card will be charged immediately after the total amount is accepted.
  14.  The passenger may modify or cancel his or her offer using the link on the e-mail notifying that Avianca has received his or her offer, anytime up to 26 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight, as long as Avianca has not notified its acceptance thereof.
  15.  If the original offer is accepted before the modification or cancellation, the passenger is legally obliged to pay the price indicated in the initial offer. Likewise, if the acceptance of the offer occurs after the modification, the passenger is legally obliged to make the payment of the price stated in the modification.
  16.  Avianca will issue the upgrade for each passenger included in the original flight booking. The total amount charged shall include the value of the offer plus all applicable taxes and fees (if any) for the Upgrade.
  17.  If the credit card is declined the passenger will automatically forfeit the upgrade and it will be made available to the next offer.
  18.  Avianca will not disclose the price paid by the passenger who gets the promotion.
  19.  In the event that Avianca has to carry out a re-accommodation of the passenger(s) due to reasons of force majeure (including operational difficulties), it will not be possible to maintain the upgrade, and as such if the passenger has an accepted upgrade offer they must request a refund from this email address soporte.precompra@avianca.com.
  20.  There will be no refunds for offers accepted by Avianca. The only exceptions whereby the upgrade payment will be reimbursed are:
    a. Cancelled flights
    b. Re-accommodation: If Avianca makes a re-accommodation arrangement to move the passenger to another flight and there is no availability in Business Cabin to comply with the passenger Upgrade.
    c. Others: If the upgrade offer was accepted, but a seat could not be assigned in the business class cabin due to reasons attributable to Avianca, including but not limited to aircraft changes, connecting flight delays that prevent the passenger making a connection with the flight in which they have the upgrade, among other causes.

    If the refund is approved the amount paid by the passenger in relation to the upgrade will be refunded to the credit card that was used to pay for the offer. The refund must be requested to the email soporte.precompra@avianca.com.
  21.  Under no circumstances will a refund for the value paid for the upgrade be available if the passenger changes, cancels or misses their flight for reasons attributable to him/her, even if the original airline ticket fee is refundable (except due to majeure force reasons).
  22.  The upgrade may not be transferred to another flight or another passenger.
  23.  The conditions of the fare of the original ticket purchased by the passenger will remain in effect even if their offer has been accepted and the upgrade has been awarded. This includes, but is not limited to, cancellation policies, penalties, changes and rules governing the accumulation of miles in the LifeMiles frequent flyer program.
  24.  Passengers who have made their offer through the program Upgrade your Experience, which has been accepted, will enjoy the following privileges of our Business Class cabin:
    a. Access to VIP lounges
    b. Free Baggage allowance according to the Business Cabin
    c. Priority in Check In and boarding processes and baggage handling
    d. The comfort and space offered by the seats in the Business Class Cabine
    e. The improved dining experience that our Business Cabin offers

  25. Avianca reserves the right to offer different programs and products for the sale of upgrades to its business class cabin across its different distribution channel.
  26. Avianca reserves the right to choose the flights, routes, fares and types of tickets applicable to the Upgrade your Experience program.
  27.  Avianca reserves the right to modify the previous conditions at any time.

    These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with our Conditions of carriage and Privacy policy. The passenger must accept these Terms and Conditions to be able to participate in the Upgrade your Experience program.