Hi! I’m Carla, your Avianca virtual assistant

You can check your itinerary, check in, find out the status of your flight, trace your luggage or find out the status of your reimbursement with me. Find me as AviancaOnMessenger on Facebook​.

Carla, asistente virtual

I will always be ready and willing to help your travel experience be more practical and quick .


Digital Services

Check In

​​Check into your flights using Facebook Messenger.




Flight Status

Monitor your flight in real time​​.




Check your Itinerary

Find out the different routes and schedules we offer.​​




Baggage tracer

​​Trace your baggage’s transportation.




Reimbursement Query

Monitor the status of your reimbursement request.​​

Additional Services



Purchase flights

Check and purchase tickets
for your next trips.


Save itinerary verifications
and flight status.

Contact Us

Call our
call center.

Frequently Asked Question

Find the answer to
any doubt.

Last Flights

Save the information
of recent flights.

Check LifeMiles

Learn the status of the
miles you’ve earned.

Personal Information

Modify your information
at any time.

Proactive Messaging

Activate or modify reminders and
weather notifications.


Find out words in
different languages.​

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Conditions of Use for Carla


  • AviancaOnMessenger (“Carla”) is a channel through which users of passenger air transportation services may interact and have access to the following digital services offered by Avianca: Check-in, Flight Status, Itinerary Query, Baggage Tracer and Reimbursement Query. Find out the terms and conditions that apply to each of them at www.avianca.com.
  • This channel is included within the Facebook Messenger platform and is therefore subject to that platform’s connectivity and operation, and the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of Facebook and Facebook messenger apply thereto.
  • “Carla’s” digital services are currently enabled only in Spanish.
  • The “Check-in” service is only enabled for domestic routes in Colombia and only allows checking in one (1) person at a time. If the reservation has several passengers and they all wish to check in through this channel, you must initiate a new “Carla” request for each of them.
  • Each “Carla” user is responsible for entering the information and data correctly. Any error or inconsistency with “Carla’s” answers generated based on the information provided erroneously shall be the user’s exclusive responsibility.


  • Personal data of “Carla” users shall be treated by Avianca according to the general privacy policy for personal data protection of travelers, clients and users.


Flight Status

  • Available only in Spanish.
  • Flight information includes data for up to 7 days after the query.

Check itineraries

  • Available only in Spanish.
  • Itinerary information includes data from 300 days after the query date.

Check in

  • Available only for Colombia.
  • Available for domestic segments within Colombia.
  • If the reservation includes several passengers, check-in will only be possible for one of them. All other travelers must check in on the website or on the mobile phone app.
  • You may check in as of 24 hours before the flight. Check the minimum times to check in, check your baggage and show up at the boarding gate (varies according to airport).
  • If you are travelling with infants, you can make a reservation that includes them so that the system allows you to check in.
  • Check-in for children between the ages of 2 and 11 is only allowed if their information is associated to the reservation of an adult passenger.
  • Baggage must be checked at the airport counters.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods as carry-on baggage or free allowed baggage in the haul is regulated according to its classification. Some of the above may not be taken during the flight under any circumstance.
  • In order to fly, you must have all legal travel documents required by governmental authorities.
  • Information entered in our check-in platform is the exclusive responsibility of the user. The traveler must assume all fines and additional expenses required by customs and migration authorities.
  • Travelers who purchase their tickets by means of fraudulent actions or transactions may not travel and will be prosecuted pursuant to applicable criminal laws.

For additional information, please read the check-in conditions.

Baggage locator

  • Available only in Spanish.
  • The tracing request must be current.

Consult refunds

  • Available only in Spanish.
  • The reimbursement must be current.

Reminders, weather forecast and translations

The terms and conditions of these native Facebook tools are defined by the social network.

Find out how we use your information.

AviancaOnMessenger (“Carla”) is a channel through which our users of passenger air transportation service can interact and gain access to the following digital services offered by Avianca: Check in, Flight Status, Itinerary Query, Baggage Tracer and Reimbursement Query.​​

Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca, through AviancaOnMessenger “Carla”, treats personal data in the capacity of Responsible thereof and informs the users through this channel that said treatment is subject to the General Privacy Policy for Personal Data Protection of Travelers, Clients and Users.

Said General Privacy Policy applies to treatment of personal data provide by our clients and users through this channel, which are treated in order to provide the digital services offered in the terms and conditions that apply to “Carla”. For that purpose, Avianca, through “Carla”, in addition to collecting them, may store, use, share, transfer and/or transmit said data to third countries, according to the terms and conditions of the acquired products and services and the aforementioned General Privacy Policy, also being able to use them for any accounting records that may be needed, submission of reports to control and surveillance authorities and police and judicial authorities, delivery of benefits offered by its programs, as well as their use for commercial, advertising and contact purposes before the holders thereof.​​

The holders may exercise their rights to know, update, rectify and suppress their personal data by sending their request to the email habeasdata@avianca.com or through the Suggestions and Claims service at www.avianca.com, or through the Call Center from Bogota at 4013434 or from other cities in Colombia 0180000953434 according to the procedures set forth in the aforementioned Privacy Policy and pursuant to Law 1581 from 2012.