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As of November, 16, 2018, you will be closer to Europe with the new Avianca direct flight between Bogota and Munich!

For your comfort, we offer five weekly frequencies in the following schedules:







M, M, T, F, S





Boeing 787

M, M, F, S, Su





Boeing 787

The sooner the better! Make your reservations now and travel as of November 16.

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What to do in Munich?

Enjoy a delicious beer Feel like royalty in palaces and castles Take a selfie at the stadium Visit the zoo or relax at wonderful parks
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We recommend visiting a Biergarten (beer garden). These places where created during the 19th century and have become a favorite location for people from Munich to enjoy the delicious beverage on Sunday. What else can you ask from life? A cold beer, outside, under a tree with friends.

The largest celebration in Germany is about beer. The Munich Oktoberfest is held during late September and early October, it lasts 16 to 18 days and is one of the largest festivals in the world.


In 1516, Duke William IV of Bavaria established that beer should meet some requirements and created the Law of Purity (Reinheitsgebot). Only beers with the features in this legislation can be served at Oktoberfest.

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