Colombia ran 6.2 miles for the children

John Karakatsianis, Avianca’s Director of Corporate Citizenship and Gloria Molina, Representative of the Cardioinfantil Foundation with a check for the Foundation’s children.

  • Funds raised with the race which amounted to 150 million pesos will be used to build the new Pediatric Intensive Care and Comprehensive Recovery Unit of the Cardioinfantil Foundation.
  • The most awarded athletic race in the country included the participation of professional athletes and amateurs from Colombia and the world.



Bogota, March 4, 2018. Mauricio Gonzalez from Colombia and Luz Mery Rojas from Peru were the winners of the Avianca 2018 RunTour which was attended by 10 thousand professional athletes, amateurs, travelers and Airline employees who ran 6.2 miles in support of the Cardioinfantil Foundation, combining into a red wave that takes over Bogota year after year to showcase the massiveness of the most technical 10K in the country and Latin America.

Under the motto “Flying Without Wings”, elite athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and the best from Colombia, participated in the test that officially opens the international calendar of the Colombian Athletics Federation.

Winners of the Male Category: Mauricio Gonzales, Yerson Orellana Porras and Nicolás Herrera

The financial results of the Avianca RunTour, which reached 150 million pesos, will be used to help build the Pediatric Intensive Care and Comprehensive Recovery Unit of the Cardioinfantil Foundation, which will increase its capacity to provide services for children with highly complex diseases by 75%, approximately 460 to 720 children per year.

This year, the 2018 Avianca RunTour’s awards added up to more than 40 million pesos, between cash, plane tickets and LifeMiles, becoming the 6.2-mile (10K) run with more benefits in Colombia.

Hernan Rincon, Executive President and CEO of Avianca said: “For all of us who are part of the Company, it is a privilege to contribute to the health of children in Colombia. For the Airline, being an Avianca Citizen means understanding the true meaning of a child’s smile and helping in saving his life”.

Santiago Cabrera, Director of the Cardioinfantil Foundation, said: “Saving lives and working tirelessly for the health of the pediatric population in our country is without a doubt the priority of the Cardioinfantil Foundation. We know that providing second chances in life would not be possible without the support of persons and companies with good hearts who believe in our social work”.

Winners of the Female Category: Luz Mery Rojas, Angie Orjuela and Carolina Tabares

All participants also received a commemorative medal from the event in addition to the awards.

Winners of the Elite Category


Pos. Runner Time Country
1. Luz Mery Rojas 00:35:05 Peru
2. Angie Orjuela 00:35:16 Colombia
3. Carolina Tabares 00:35:30 Colombia
4. Salome Mendoza Gutierrez 00:35:34 Bolivia
5. Ruby Riativa 00:35:51 Colombia

Luz Mery Rojas, winner crossing the finish line.


Pos. Runner Time Country
1. Mauricio Gonzales 00:30:24 Colombia
2. Yerson Orellana Porras 00:30:37 Peru
3. Nicolás Herrera 00:30:31 Colombia
4. Iván González 00:30:38 Colombia
5. Gerar Giraldo 00:34:28 Colombia

Mauricio Gonzalez, winner crossing the finish line.