Corporate Citizenship

With the best human talent and technology, on our 2020 flight, we will be recognized as an excellent corporate citizen, connecting our interest groups with the best alternatives to generate social and environmental value, and humanitarian aid for Latin America.


At Avianca, being human is at the center of everything we do. We are committed to being a transformation agent for the companies where we work. Our Corporate Citizen strategy: Avianca Citizen, has the purpose of contributing to building better citizens in Latin America. We participate in the most relevant scenarios and initiatives of corporate citizenship, sustainability and shared value in the region, and we offer high-impact social and environmental investment platforms for our customers and interest groups. We also work hand in hand with civil organizations renowned for the quality and impact of their work.

Our Strategic Pillars


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Environmental Avianca

We connect environmental value through responsible environmental management and connecting products and initiatives with certified environmental value. We innovate with sustainable impact with initiatives that generate environmental value and positively impact the regions where we operate:

a)  Incorporation of the new fleet: In 2017 we incorporated 6 leading edge technology aircraft, reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) and noise.
b)  Best Operational Practices: In 2017, through our energy saving programs, we reduced fuel consumption by 5.976.107 gallons. This corresponds to 58.303,98 Tons less of CO2.
c)  Compensation of Emissions: In 2017 we purchased carbon bonds, compensating for greenhouse gas emissions as a result of fuel consumption in Colombian operations, which are transformed into high-impact social and environmental investment. The investment benefits renewable energy projects (biomass, solar and hydroelectric), reforestation, restoration and preservation of forests.

The impact of our strategy

• 26 countries
• + than 19.000 employees.
• 30 million passengers per year.
• More than 800 daily flights.
• + than 10.000 suppliers

Environmental Policy

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Avianca reiterates its full commitment to environmental care and rational use of natural resources, undertaking in its operations:

  • Cutting fossil fuel consumption.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise.
  • Reducing hazardous waste generation.
  • Implementing instruments to prevent pollution from their activities.
  • Complying with applicable environmental legislation and other environmental commitments.
  • Continually improving its environmental performance.
  • Promoting environmental commitment among collaborators, suppliers and contractors.