Ethics and Compliance Program

Learn about the program that builds a culture of security, integrity and transparency.

“We work to maintain high compliance standards to ensure exemplary corporate practices. We have an unbreakable commitment with our clients, shareholders and collaborators. Our Ethics and Compliance program promotes integrity in all our processes”

Executive President and CEO

Our Values

We want you to prefer us by offering security from the beginning until the end of your trip.

Security is our

We serve with passion
and integrity

We work as one and we
enjoy what we do

We innovate with
sustainable impact

We work for a culture of ethics and organizational compliance

Learn about the four actions of our program with which we seek to offer integrity and security in our operation.

Risk Identification

Assess and mitigate
risks in operational
and administrative


Educate, incentivize, define clear roles, policies and procedures for the Organization and our partners. 


Conduct audits for our processes and receive questions and claims through our Ethics Line. 

Control and Remediation

Implement, monitor and improve internal controls. Educate stakeholders and sanction breaches. 

Policies that promote integrity

Learn about some of our policies that promote best practices between our collaborators, suppliers, clients and shareholders. 

Ethical Business

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct guides the actions of the Organization and its collaborators in their relationship with clients. 

Zero tolerance
for corruption

The Anti-Corruption Policy educates
our collaborators, clients and
suppliers on the ethics, legal and
corporate norms. 

Anti-Money Laundering and

The Policy to Prevent Money
Laundering and Terrorist
avoids poor practices
in our processes. 

Learn more about this information in our corporate documents (available in Spanish).

Our program has joined:


Every day we work so that Global Compact and its principles are part of our Company’s management and strategies, focusing on four thematic areas.




The fight against corruption

     The Secretary of Transparency of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia that                   recognized Avianca as “one of the active anti-corruption companies” in 2018.                                        

    As of November 2017 we are part of this initiative led by the United Nations Office on Drugs      and Crime.


Ethics Line

We invite you to report anti-ethical conducts that put compliance of our Organization’s operation at risk.

Confidentiality of Questions and Claims

To guarantee your safety, protect your identity and avoid any retaliation, the ethics line is managed by NavexGlobal, an independent organization.