Avianca informs that the State Council provisionally suspended the charge for Connectivity Right.

Tickets purchased as of December 1, departing from the Jose Maria Cordova Airport (Rionegro), Antioquia, will not include the value known as Connectivity Right, given that the State Council issued a provisional suspension of Resolution 02251 from 2016 which allowed the charge of this tax to users of said airport to finance the works of the Eastern Tunnel.

Until November 22, passengers had to pay 5.000 pesos on domestic flights and USD 1.5 for international flights. As an obligation, the tax was collected by Avianca and included in the final value of airplane tickets.

Pursuant to the suspended Resolution, the exemptions of payment of the tax were to be processed by each passenger before the Finance Secretariat of the Department of Antioquia.

The State Council made the decision taking into consideration the powers to create and collect fees, tariffs or rights, related only and exclusively to the provision of aeronautical and airport services with direct incidence over passenger air transportation.

At Avianca we will strictly comply with this measure and abide by it immediately.

The Avianca Team.