Direct Connect

New direct sales channel for travel agencies.

Avianca is the first Latin American airline to implement Direct Connect with NDC (New Distribution Capability) Level 3 of IATA certification.

Direct Connect is an optimal technological direct distribution solution that offers the best content of products and services, using IATA’s NDC communication standard.

What are the benefits?

Agencies have access to the same products and services as the airline through enriched content (plane seat maps, menus, ancilliaries. Through Direct Connect, the traveler can have customized offers. In addition, several payment option conciliations can be managed. Another benefit offered by Direct Connect is NDC certification for agencies before IATA. 


Tool functionalities

Flight search
and availability


Direct Sales
Report, ARC, BSP.


Additional product
portfolio (ancillaries).

Different payment
methods and refunds.


Support center and
user management


order issuance.


What does the agency need to access Direct Connect?

A technical team from the agency, resources for development and integration with the aggregator (if applicable).

The various connection options are the following:

  1. Direct connection: connection to the inventory through an API (Application Programming Interface).
  2. Connection through the aggregator: multiple agencies can connect directly to the inventory.
  3. Portal: Interface connected to the aggregator that allows agencies to access products and services in an agile and integrated manner.

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