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The main characters

Daniel Tirado

Specialty: adventure​

Arturo Bullard

Specialty: nature

Arianna Arteaga

Specialty: outdoors

Marcela Mariscal

Specialty: family​

Gaía Passarelli

Specialty: urban life

Juan Villarino

Specialty: experiences​​

JL Pastor

Peruvian - Colombian
Specialty: lifestyle​

Toya Viudes

Spanish - Colombian
Specialty: culture

Laura Lazzarinno

Specialty: characters​​​

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Discovering Madrid

Enjoy the capital of Spain. A city that combines modern constructions with a thrilling historic legacy.
Together with the Peruvian, a Brazilian, a Venezuelan and a Spaniard, discover the markets and streets of Madrid.



Discovering Bogota

Bogota is located at the center of Colombia, 2,600 meters above sea level. It is the capital and the seat of the country’s government. Walk the streets of this city, filled with stories and contrasts, together with Toya, Marcela and Arianna.



Discovering Cuba

Amazing white-sand beaches and crystalline waters make Cuba an exotic destination harboring unpredictable secrets. Arturo, Daniel and Juan take you to discover this island with exuberant vegetation, tropical weather and a vibrant nightlife.



Discovering London

More than 30 million people arrive annually to London attracted by the culture, the architecture and business. Together with Daniel, Toya and Marcela discover the secrets of this city, one of the first modern cities in the world.