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On the "Promo code" field

       When you fly with us you always have:
Only at Avianca.com

Earn double miles only until April 23 because #Foryourlovewedoitall.

How can you earn double miles?

I want more miles

1. Select your trip
Choose the origin, destination and
dates on which you wish to travel.

3. Enter your LifeMiles number
Choose the fare and enter your LifeMiles
number on "Personal information"
Not a LifeMiles member? Register!

2. Enter the code
Enter 2X1MILES on the
"Promo code" field.

4. Receive double miles!
For buying only at Avianca.com
you will receive double miles when
flying in the selected route.

I want more miles

Termns and conditions

  • Promotion valid between April 18 and 23, 2018 or before April 23, 2018 if available miles for this promotion run out (Thirty million miles available).
  • Exclusive promotion for LifeMiles members who purchased tickets between April 18 and 23, 2018 on Avianca.com or Avianca’s mobile app, using the promotional code ENAMORARTE or 2X1MILES.
  • If you are not a LifeMiles member, you must register with the loyalty program before you make your purchase in order to include your LifeMiles number when making your purchase. 
  • Applies for flights with domestic or international segments directly operated by Avianca.
  • Miles granted under this promotion apply for tickets purchased on Economy or Business Class cabins on the abovementioned dates and will only be credited to the member’s LifeMiles account once the member flies the first segment on the ticket. 
  • Miles granted will be credited to the LifeMiles number registered when making the purchase, at the latest thirty days after flying the segment. 
  • The number of miles granted in this promotion will depend on the fare family of the purchased ticket. 
  • Miles earned in this promotion to not apply to quality for Elite status on LifeMiles
  • This promotion is not combinable with the elite bonus.
  • If the frequent flyer number (LifeMiles) number and/or promotional code are not entered correctly when making your purchase, you cannot request the promotional miles to be credited to your LifeMiles account at a later time. 
  • The name of the passenger on the ticket must match the name of the registered LifeMiles member when making the purchase. 
  • Does not apply for purchases of codeshare flights.
  • Does not apply for redemption tickets. 
  • Bonus miles earned during this promotion may be redeemed as long as they are valid. The miles expiration policy of the LifeMiles program applies.