Are you travelling to Sao Paulo from Bogota?

Until January 15, 2019, direct flights covering the Bogota – Sao Paulo – Bogota routes will be operated by Avianca Brasil (Oceanair Linhas Aereas S/A) on a codeshare flight with Avianca S.A.

Travel calmly around the world. You will be safe on planes that meet all international regulations.

What flights are operated by Avianca Brasil?

All direct flights from Bogota to Sao Paulo or from Sao Paulo to Bogota will be subject to Avianca Brasil’s (Oceanair Linhas Aereas S/A) contract of carriage, available on its website.  

In flight services

Below are some of the services you will enjoy during your flight.


Additional services

You can request additional services such as: excess baggage, transporting sports equipment, among other products, pursuant to the fares on Avianca Brasil’s portfolio of services and reserve them at the airport.

Check In 

You may check-in on Avianca Brasil’s website or at Avianca’s service counters at the airport. 

Earn miles 

Miles will be defined by the operating carrier, Avianca Brasil (Oceanair Linhas Aereas S/A). Avianca will grant any difference in miles. Once you travel, you may validate up to two trips on your account statement or contact the call center (option 3) for LifeMiles service.

In-flight entertainment

On planes operated by Avianca Brasil you can have access to content on individual screens. You will find content in English, Spanish and Portuguese.