Accessible Avianca

We develop solutions to guarantee that our users with disabilities can easily use our website.

Accessibility means always being available to provide you with service, regardless
of how you communicate with us. The various visual, auditory, cognitive
or motor skills of people, inspire us to offer a better service.



Being accessible is helping people in how they interact with digital information.

The differences in cultures, religions and physical conditions are opportunities when communicating.

We therefore work so that our digital services are simple and understandable for everyone.

At Avianca, we meet the AA conformance level according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG). This is a technical guide with recommendations and criteria that promote the creation of accessible web environments. 


Some benefits

We improve the experiences of our users on our website by including accessible elements and resources.


Skip links

This resource allows jumping
between contents to easily
find information. 

Keyboard navigation

You can navigate through pages
using instructions and without
the need for a mouse. 


This element allows screen readers
to identify the hierarchy
of contents in pages. 

Screen reader

Contents have text
descriptions that screen
readers may reproduce. 

Error warnings when
entering information

Warnings so you can
identify and correct fields
that contain errors. 

Help in filling forms

Assistance to easily
fill out the information
in the requested fields.