Avianca Travel Smart Portfolio

Choose how you want to fly. Purchase and include our additional products and services on your trip*Availability of products and/or services may vary depending on the city and/or sales channel.​​​​.

Avianca Travel Smart Services​​

A high-class experience

Purchase access to one of our VIP
Rooms for one day.

​Fly how you have always dreamed

Upgrade from Economy Class to
Business Class.

A card with great advantages​

Give Avianca Products and Services
as gifts.​​​​​​

Take everything you need

Take extra baggage on your trip by
paying an additional cost.

Enjoy your passion

Take your sports equipment in the
plane’s cargo haul.​​​​​​

​Travel with your best friend

Take your pet in the cabin or in the
plane’s cargo haul.

Assistance for children

Reserve the unaccompanied minors

Asistencia integral

Travel with the comprehensive aid

Fly in your favorite seat

​Reserve a seat at a better location
for an additional cost.​​​​​​​

Fly with more space

For an additional charge, reserve
the seat next to you.​​​​​​​

*The availability of products and/or services may change depending on the city and/or purchase channel.​