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Carry-on baggage

Take one 10 kg
(22 lb.) piece
of baggage*.

Checked baggage

Take one 23 kg
(50 lb.) piece
of baggage*.

Seat selection

You can choose
where you want to
seat on some flights.

Earning miles

You can use them
to purchase
tickets or products.


Check in to your flight
from wherever you are


Movies, series,
music, games
and reading. 

Onboard Menu

We offer
special meals for
your dietary needs.

Sports equipment

Bowling items,
tennis rackets
or fishing equipment. 

Pets on board

If you need it, you can
take your service dog
or emotional support
animal with you. 

Special services

Upon making your
purchase, request any
special service you
may need. 

Reservation details

View your fare
on different
currencies and find
price details. 

Without intermediaries

Change, cancel
or request
refunds easily.

Purchase safely

We protect
your personal and
financial information. 

* You can take more baggage depending on your destination and your LifeMiles status.




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