Traveling with infants

Please note the f​​ollowing recommendations for before and during your flight​.

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During your flight

If a​n infant requires a seat​​:

  • They must travel with an adult ticket.
  • Make sure the baby seat you’ll use for your flight meets the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) safety requirements, please check the information on the back of the baby seat to verify its characteristics), otherwise, the baby seat will be classified as an extra piece of baggage in addition to the baggage allowance. Please note that respective charges may apply.
  • When traveling with an adult ticket, the infant has the right to the meal service and baggage allowance.

You can transport a maximum of 2 infants in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The first infant must fly seated on your lap and must use the seatbelt for infants provided by the cabin crew. You must hold the infant.
  • The second infant must pay for a seat and be transported in a crib or baby seat that is approved or labeled for use on commercial aircraft. 
  • Only one infant in arms is allowed per adult.

To travel with infants under 10 days old, both the mother and infant will not be allowed to travel unless a medical certificate attesting their fitness to fly is presented.

Traveling with infants​

On board services

1. Food Service

The fee includes food for the babies. Consult the section on special foods​.

2. ​On Board Cradle Service

Remember that you may request the cradle service via reservation through our call center up to 72 hours before the flight’s departure or at the airport counters at any moment, depending on availability.

Con​ditions for the Service

A​ge and Weight

Your baby must be 12 months old or less, measure less than 74 cm tall and weigh up to 11 Kg at the time of travelling.

It is important that your baby fulfills the weight and height condition upon the time of travelling so that his or her measurements do not exceed the cradle’s size (29.5 X 13.38 X 8.82 inches or 74.93 X 33.99 X 22.40 centimeters), thereby leading to your request’s rejection.

Note: Please remember that the airport may request confirmation of the aforementioned information on the date of the flight.


For your comfort and for the baby’s safety we recommend you take a pediatrician’s certificate that confirms the weight and size of your baby.

Fleet Availability

The service is available for all routes operating Airbus A330 and B787.

A330: Three (3) cradles per equipment. 

B787: Three (3) cradles per equipment.

Keep in mind that the fleet may change due to operating issues, case in which we may not be able to guarantee the service.

Please remember that Aerogal does not offer the on board cradles service. 

Delivery and Assignment​

You may request the service before travelling as long as the maximum set quota per aircraft has not been exceeded by that time.

The equipment may not be assigned or delivered in case of deterioration or if it posed any kind of risk for the baby.

Use during or after the Flight

Once you are on board of the plane and upon the aircraft’s take-off, the flight attendant or cabin crew member must install the respective cradle as well as uninstall it before landing.